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Top 10 of the Funniest Sufficient Jokes and Puns

What does Yoda say when he is drunk?

Dear me it appears I have imbibed alcohol in sufficient quantitiy to impair my speech

When does a lawyer make coffee?

When he has sufficient grounds

My sex life is like my vegetable garden

I'm self sufficient

Sufficient joke, My sex life is like my vegetable garden

A planet is a celestial body that is in orbit around a star, has sufficient gravity to make itself round and has cleared the neighbourhood around its orbit.

That's why Pluto isn't a planet but your mum is.

Got rejected from the daycare centre when I applied for a job last week

"Former priest" is apparently not a sufficient qualification

What's the best way to ensure that Asia's senior citizens' pension programs are financially sound?

Sufficient amount of youth in Asia.

A man was looking for somewhere to store all his animals. So he asked his friend if he knew anyone with sufficient storage.

His friend replied: "Yeah no worries, I Noah guy".

Sufficient joke, A man was looking for somewhere to store all his animals. So he asked his friend if he knew anyone w

I was wrong about Hillary not having sufficient doctoring.

Turns out she's surrounded by spin doctors.

I won my first case as a defense attorney. My client was mute and accused of murder.

His testimony proved to be a sufficient grunt for dismissal.

I'm sick of being called a pervert by women.

The hand soap in the men's restroom just isn't sufficient.

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