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After both suffering from depression for a while, me and the wife were going to commit suicide yesterday....

But strangely enough, once she killed herself, I started to feel a lot better. So I thought, “Fuck it, soldier on!”

I suffer from terrible insomnia

But on the bright side it's only three more sleeps till Christmas.

I suffer from tinnitus and my least favorite letter in the alphabet is...


Suffe joke, I suffer from tinnitus and my least favorite letter in the alphabet is...

I've suffered from identity crisis since I was a little boy.

I mean girl.

I'm suffering from a more rare kind of stomach ache.

It's called Indiegestion, I doubt you've heard of it before.

1 out of 4 suffer from a mental illness

Does this mean that the other 3 *enjoy* it?

I was suffering from pinkeye for a long time until I found

It was a site for sore eyes

Suffe joke, I was suffering from pinkeye for a long time until I found

I used to suffer from delusions that I was a bland, flavourless cut of meat...

but now I'm cured.

"So you are suffering from flatulences, grandpa?"

"Suffering? No, that's my last remaining pleasure!"

I suffer from a mental condition where I am unconciously forced to ask for food in the wrong sequence, and sometimes I just plain ask for things that aren't on the menu, anyway...

It's a this order disorder disorder disorder.

I have been suffering from Priapism for the last 2 days

My wife is taking it pretty hard

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i used to suffer from chronic adhd

as i was saying bacon makes everything better.

I don't suffer from split-personality...

...and neither do I

I think I suffer from synesthesia...

I can't differentiate the pink from the stink.

I suffer from sarcasmitus. It makes everything I say sound sarcastic...

Yeah. THAT'S a real disease.

Do you suffer from schizophrenia?

Just remember you're not alone

Suffe joke, Do you suffer from schizophrenia?

If you suffer from mental illness, it always helps to remember you are not alone.

Unless the mental illness is schizophrenia

After both suffering from depression, my wife and I were going to commit suicide yesterday.

But once she killed herself, I started to feel a lot better.

I suffer from inconsonance...

I can't control my vowels.

I've been suffering from diarrhea the past few days

...but I'm finally making some solid progress.

I suffered a work-related injury on the set of the new "The Land Before Time" movie, but was told my insurance wouldn't pay for it

I asked them why but the rep. just said "we don't cover pre-existing conditions."

I'm currently suffering from laziness

So I'm gonna try and sleep it off for the next few days.

I suffer from CDO.

It's OCD with the letters in the correct order.

Does one really suffer from having an inflated ego?

...or is it the greatest disease anyone could possibly ever have, ever?

Do you suffer from an addiction to water?

Can you not live without your water?

Do you try to quit, and come back to drinking water again?

Do you suffer from any of the following withdrawal symptoms when trying to quit?

* Headache?
* Fatigue?
* Dry throat?
* Dry mouth?
* Darker urine?
* Craving more water?
* Hunger?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, please call the water addiction hotline, 1-5-STOP-WATER.

Do you suffer from chronic masturbation?

Im a doctor, I can help. We'll beat it together.

If you suffer from schizophrenia

Don't worry, you're not alone

If you suffer from short term memory loss

If you suffer from short term memory loss

If you suffer from short term memory loss

Wait, haven't I done this already?

If you suffer from short term memory loss

I could've sworn I've done this already

Do you suffer from Alzheimer's?

Do you suffer from Alzheimer's?

Do you suffer from anxiety that an intruder may be hiding in your room?

You're not alone.

If you're suffering from paranoia don't worry

you're not alone!

I used to suffer from depression but through hard work, persistence, and never giving up

I now suffer from anxiety and depression

I've been suffering a lot of seizures recently... far they've taken my house, my car and my boat.

Do you suffer from chronic masturbation?

As a therapist i can help. We can beat it together.

If you are suffering from acute depression, try drinking a gallon of water just before you go to bed....

That will give you a reason to get out of bed in the morning.

I suffer from depression, but my aunt, who dotes on me, always knows how to cheer me up

you could say she's the perfect auntie-dote to my misery

I suffer from crippling narcissism.

I'm a victim of it.

To those of you suffering from paranoia

Just remember you are not alone

I suffer from a rare form of kleptomania that causes me to steal people kitchen utensils.

it's just a whisk I'm willing to take.

I suffer from Kleptomania....

...Sometimes, when it gets bad, I take something for it.

To everyone out there suffering from paranoia…

…Just remember you're not alone.

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