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Top 10 of the Funniest Sudden Unexpected Jokes and Puns

Mr and Mrs Lee unexpectedly had their baby early

So they named him SUDDEN LEE

Bilbo wakes up suddenly to Don't Stop Believing.

It was an unexpected Journey.

A girl was studying French, and doing very well at it.

One day, she asked her teacher Do you know anything about Spanish? For I know everything there is to know about French, and I need a new language.

The teacher responded What a sudden change! And why would you possibly ask me, your French teacher? This was completely unexpected!

Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!

How do you call an unexpected Chinese guy?


Unexpected morning sex:

I stumbled into the kitchen to see my wife cooking our usual breakfast of soft-boiled eggs and toast.
Barely awake, I thought perhaps I was dreaming when she suddenly took off her gown and demanded I make love with her there and then.
Soon finished, she turned back to the stove and said thanks . I said, My pleasure, dear, you seemed so inspired, thank you!

Dryly, she drawled, Don't get used to it, the egg timer's broken.

Bilbo Baggins turns on the radio.

After a lengthy commercial break, the DJ suddenly jumps right into a new song.

"Just a small town girl..."

Bilbo was surprised, and delighted: this was unexpected Journey.

Bilbo Baggins wakes up suddenly to Don't Stop Believing .

It was an unexpected Journey.

A Chinese boy was unexpectedly born early...

He was named "sudden Lee"

I hate talking about my sudden unexpected erections...

But sometimes it just comes up.

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