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A very overweight man walks into a hospital and asks to book an appointment for lipo suction

The doctor replied: 'I'll see if I can squeeze you in.'

Trump Tower and Michael Phelps

Between Michael Phelps and Trump Tower, it has been the biggest week for suction cups in the history of mankind.

How do they make bras for octopi?

With suction cups.

Suction joke, How do they make bras for octopi?

Mr T and I were thinking about scaling a glass wall.

We were looking at the standard equipment and the fancy equipment too. I selected the most basic suction device for my ascent, and suggested Mr T do likewise.

He looked at me and said, "I ain't using no plain sucker!"

Why couldn't the octopus take off her bra?

It had suction cups.

What do an old vacuum cleaner and years of marriage have in common?

Loss of suction.

I like my women like I like my vacuum cleaners

Cordless and with powerful suction

Suction joke, I like my women like I like my vacuum cleaners

What do they use to apply suction at the Abortion Clinic?

...a DieSon Vacuum!

Pro Tip; For the best suction, put a fresh bag in the vacuum.

Or just wait for the little lady to get home.

Redneck called a plastic surgeon

Redneck: how much for lipo suction...?

Doctor: Well ma'am.. That all depends on which part ......

Redneck: Well doctor, I'm from the south....

Vacuum Cleaners vs Girlfirends

What do vacuum cleaners and girlfriends have in common?

Both lose suction after a while, so it's best to get a new one.

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Why did the vacuum salesman's wife file for divorce?

He was always complaining about the lack of

Ever hear that story of the guy who scaled a building with only suction cups?

Well he certainly was a **pane** to catch!

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