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This past week I made a couple bucks selling fake eclipse glasses

I'm not to worried though, those suckers will never see me again.

I'm Black. So I can't be racist. But these suckers keep telling me that I am.

"Jake, you can't call yourself Black just because you went to jail once. That is racist"

My fish clean my tank for free


Suckers joke, My fish clean my tank for free

What's the difference between a capitalist society and a communist society?

In a capitalist society, the rich man lives in a marble palace, the poor gathered around him. He shouts to them "Haha, suckers!"

In a communist society it's the exact same thing, except the rich man is shouting "We're suffering together!"


Straws are for suckers.

Why did God give women boobs and nipples?

To make suckers out of men!

Why is it so easy to fool a vampire?

Because they're a bunch of suckers.

Suckers joke, Why is it so easy to fool a vampire?

They say a fool and his money are easily parted, but...

Vacuum repair shops really are for broke suckers.

Why is it so easy to fool an octopus?

They're all suckers.

Just saw the price of cigarettes and I realized there's no such thing as a smoker

The cigarette smokes, they are just the suckers

Did you hear about the fight at the candy store?

Two suckers got licked.

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Most animals don't like gore.

But leeches are suckers for blood.

What did the octopus say when the fisherman cut off its tenticles?

See ya later suckers!

Why are octopi easily duped when it comes to eating seafood?

They're suckers for sushi

After spending over 3 decades in the hard candy business, I've had enough...

I've finally realized it's for suckers.

In some parts of Europe they call lolipops: suckers or lolis. Whats the difference?

A few years

Suckers joke, In some parts of Europe they call lolipops: suckers or lolis. Whats the difference?

I went to investigate a nearby bank that was recently robbed by the workers there...

They basically sold out a bunch of suckers.

What do microtransactions and microaggressions have in common?

The only people who buy into them are suckers.

So it turns out stupidity can be considered a form of mental illness...

Guess who just got disability benefits.. SUCKERS!

My plecostomus died.

I've never had much luck with those suckers.

I tricked my nephews into eating calamari without telling them what it was...


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