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The craziest thing happened at a bar tonight. A woman got her nipple pierced right in front of me!

On an unrelated note, I suck at darts.

Why Does Jesus suck at hockey?

He's always getting nailed to the boards.

Why do indie kids suck at karate?

They never got past the white belt.

Suck joke, Why do indie kids suck at karate?

Why does it suck to be a black Jew?

You have to sit in the back of the oven.

A husband and wife celebrate their 30th anniversary

That night, the wife comes out of the bathroom naked and starts playing with her nipples.

"What did you think the first time you saw these 30 years ago?"

"I wanna to suck them dry," he says.

She crawls onto the bed, "What did you think when you saw all this 30 years ago?"

"I wanted to screw your brains out, baby," he says with a smile.

She giggles, teasingly, "What are you thinking now?"

"I think I did a pretty good job at both."

To make it stand, you wet it. To make it wet, you suck it. To make it stiff, you lick it. To get it in, you push it.

Man, threading a needle is tough!

What does the NFL have in common with Brokeback Mountain?

The Cowboys suck.

*(I am a Dallas Cowboys fan, but I don't lack a sense of humor.)*

Suck joke, What does the NFL have in common with Brokeback Mountain?

If Microsoft ever makes a product that doesn't suck...'ll be a vacuum!

Two homosexuals bumped into each other one day in Bondi Junction.

After their customary intimate greeting, one of them asked the other, "Fabian, have you stopped smoking?"

When Fabian replied in the affirmative, his chum asked him how he had managed to kick the habit.

Explained Fabian, "It was easy really. Everytime I felt like a cigarette, I`d just suck on a lifesaver."

Replied his friend, "Well - lucky you live near the beach."

What does the NFL and Broke Back Mountain have in common?

Cowboys that suck.

Women are like stars...

At first they are small and hot, then they get bigger and bigger, then finally they suck the life out of everything around them.

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why don't spiders go to school..

Because they learn everything on web.


i know i suck at jokes.

Why do feminist picnics suck?

Because no one ever makes sandwiches.

Even though I don't smoke cigarettes, I exclusively date women who do...

I figure if they're willing to suck on something that nasty, they'll suck just about anything.

You know your life sucks when...

Your job sucks,
Your kids suck,
And your wife doesn't.

What sucks about being an egg?

You get laid once, and it's by your mom.

Suck joke, What sucks about being an egg?

I suck at sports events

It's a good way to make a quick buck.

Why does it suck to work for the NSA during the winter?

Because if it snows, you can't call and say you're snowed in.

I'm voting for Hillary Clinton because...

According to Bill, she doesn't suck.

I have been try to come up with a funny joke about leeches.

I couldn't because they all suck

Father: *places hand on shoulder* My son.....

*Son: Yes father?
*Father: Check out this cool severed hand I just found!

editted for format, which I suck at apparently

It would suck to be named Will in the army.

"Fire at Will"

Apple is going to release the first smart vacuum cleaner this year

The first Apple product that doesn't suck

(not hating on apple or anything but i got this joke somewhere)

Studies find if a woman has a glass of wine a day increases the chances of a stroke.

If you let her have more she might suck it too.

I suck telling jokes..

Because I start laughing even before I reach the punchline. The doctor says I have a premature hehejaculation.

Sex with a weatherman must suck.

Always telling you to expect 8-12 inches,
only to find out it's not even 4.

I don't like generalizations...

They all suck.

I was sucking off my new Thai bride, last night

When I thought.. "Hang on a fuckin' minute"

A guy gets taken to his cell on his first day of prison...

...he meets his cellmate for the first time, a huge hulk of a man, who turns to him and says, 'We're gonna play a game, a game of mommies and daddies... Do you wanna be the mommy or the daddy?'

The new convict relunctantly replies, 'I guess I'll, ...I'll be the, ...the daddy?...'

The inmate smiles and says 'Fantastic! ...Now come over here and suck mommy's cock'.

A woman was trying to breastfeed her son in a bus

The kid throws a tantrum and refuses to suck on his mother's breast. So in a fit, the mother tells her son, "If you don't want this milk, I'm gonna give this to the gentleman beside us."

An hour later, the kid still refused to breastfeed. So she tells her son again, "If you won't breastfeed, I'm really gonna give this to this man beside us!"

Then the guy beside them suddenly interrupted, "Please make up your mind now. My stop was 30 minutes ago."

Has anyone played that weird Mexican carnival game where groundhogs pop out of holes and you have to smear them with avocado?

I really suck at Guac-a-mole.

You know what sucks when you're married?

Not your wife.

If life gives you lemons...

I hope ~~he~~ life also gives you water and sugar or else your lemonade's gonna suck.

I love self deprecating humour...

Too bad i suck at it.

Why do Mexicans suck at playing Uno?

They always keep all the green cards

Words that start with "S" suck.

Girl: Tom, I've come to realize something about the letter s.

Boy: Tell me.

Girl: Words that start with s suck.

Boy: What do you mean?

Girl: Well, snakes suck. So does a sting, and so does getting stabbed.

Boy: Well, Sally, if thats the case I'd like to have you over tonight for dinner.

If a woman drinks two glasses of wine a day, it increases the chances of a stroke by 50%

Let her finish the bottle and she'll probably suck it as well.

"I know what you have been sucking on"

My nephew has a habit of sucking his thumb, so i had a brilliant idea to make him stop. I told him people that suck their thumbs become fat.

At the store yesterday however, we ran across a pregnant lady and he had the great idea to shout "I know what you have been sucking on" in the middle of the store.

A time traveler tries to go back to the 1980's

But when he gets there, he sees a very old man wearing a toga.
Confused, he asks the man what if it's 1980. The man replies "Of course it's 19AD!"
I just came up with this joke, so feel free to modify it, because as we can all see, I suck at making jokes :)

My wife went to the doctor yesterday and was diagnosed with the broken-vacuum-cleaner syndrome

It means that they make a ton of noise and don't suck anymore.

My wife is an English teacher

She always corrects my grammar while having sex. I'll go "suck it good" and she'll reply "it's suck it well!". I'll say "Who's your daddy" and she'll correct "who's your dad".

She gets particularly annoyed about my improper use of colon.

It must suck being raised by gay parents.

Either you get stuck with double the dad jokes or get thrown into an infinite loop of "go ask your mother."

The dating scene at Hogwarts must really suck.

Since every girl there has a magic wand, they don't really need the boys at all.


They suck when they work and they suck when they don't

What do Apple and the NFL have in common?

The Chargers suck.

You know what sucks?

Negative Pressure

My lesbian GF and I suck at saving

Guess we need to stop eating out

Why do Americans suck at calculus?

White people have never been good at integration.

An old woman falls asleep in church

The priest asks, "How many of you commit adultery? Those who do, stand up." Just then the old lady wakes up and asks her son-in-law, "What did he say?" The son-in-law wants to play a prank and answers "Those who take Tic Tacs have to stand up." The woman, who takes the pills by boxes, stands up. Everyone gasps, and the priest asks, "How could you, at your age?"

"Just because I've got no teeth doesn't mean I can't suck 'em!"

Although the cannibalism of the praying mantis may seem severe, it is thankfully brief. In other species, the female will slowly suck the life out of her partner over a period of decades.

This process is commonly called marriage.

I'm a fruit. If you take away my first letter, I'm a body part. If you take away my first and last letter, I suck. What am I?


A man is sitting next to woman on a bus

The woman is trying to breastfeed, but the baby refuses to suck on her breast. She warns her child, if you don't start sucking, I'm going to give it to the man next to me , but the baby still refuses.

After 20 minutes, the woman repeats the threat several times to no avail. The man finally clears his throat and says, look here lady, you need to make up your mind, I was supposed to get off 6 bus stops ago!

It would suck to be named Will at a shooting range.

"Fire at will"

I feel bad for people who have asthma

Because out of all the things you could be bad at, you suck at breathing.

I am not a sexist but...

female mosquitos don't belong in a workplace. They the suck the life right out of you.

If you suck at playing the trumpet,

That's probably why.

It sucks being a grown up.

Nobody tells you you did a good job when you eat all of your food.

The day Microsoft makes a product that doesn't suck...

Is the day they make a vacuum cleaner.

Wife: The vacuum cleaner doesn't suck the way it used to.

Husband: Neither does the dish washer.

How is sex work different from other occupations?

You get fired unless you suck at your job

An old grandma brings a bus driver

An old grandma brings a bus driver a bag of peanuts every day.

First the bus driver enjoyed the peanuts but after a week of eating them he asked: "Please granny, don't bring me peanuts anymore. Have them yourself.".

The granny answers: "You know, I don't have teeth anymore. I just prefer to suck the chocolate around them."

If you could suck five toes at once

That'd be quite a feet

Why do colourblind people suck at dating?

Because they fail to see the red flags in a relationship

At the bar last night, a woman got her nipple pierced right in front of me

. On a related note...…………………. I suck at darts.

I suck at building fences. Anyone have any tips?

Oh. I put this post in the wrong place, didn't I?

If you suck at playing the trumpet...

...that's probably why.

My neighbor who had horrible jokes passed away this week. This was one of his favorites. Enjoy a good (bad) pun in his memory.

what's the difference between your girlfriend and your job

in 5 years your job will still suck

This sucks, 2022 is going to be terrible

Because 2022 is 2020, too

A teenager got suck in well.

He calls 911.

Boy: 911?

Operator: 911, what's your emergency?

Boy: I'm stuck in a well.

Operator: How old are you? Is the well deep?

Boy: im14andthisisdeep.

My friend asked me if I suck all the toes or just the big one

I told him I treat all toes fairly, I just don't wanna start off on the wrong foot.

My dating coach told me I should suck in my cheeks to look more attractive.

It didn't work and ended up giving me a wedgie.

To make it stand, you wet it.

To make it wet, you suck it.

To make it stiff, you lick it.

To get it in, you push it!

Damn! Threading a needle at any age is no joke.

Is gravity real?

or does the earth just suck

What do a mosquito and a politician have in common?

They both suck.

And how are they different? A mosquito will stop sucking eventually.

You know what sucks the most about being a democrat in a republican household?

If you try to address the Elephants in the room, you end up making an ass of yourself

What sucks but doesn't suck at the same time

A broken vacuum cleaner

Apple is planning to release a vaccum cleaner in a couple of years.

It's rumored to be the only Apple product that won't suck.

Most vampires suck at maths

unless you Count Dracula

I think floors suck...

But what do I know? I'm a ceiling fan.

Why do tennis players suck at relationships?

Because love means nothing to them.

All the mathematical functions are having a party

The polynomials are dancing, the square root function is drinking, yet the exponential function remains to the side.

so the inverse function asks what's wrong.

To which the exponential function responds: whether I integrate or not, nothing will change, now leave.

(courtesy of my physics teacher, I translated from French so might suck, don't gimme too much flak)

Why do "nice guys" suck at Chess

They never protect the king, always the queen

I asked my girlfriend to suck the life out of me and leave me dry...

She replied, "YES,I'll marry you."

My wife was disappointed when she found out why my friends call me The Love Machine .

Because I suck at tennis.

I have a strong distaste for vacuum jokes.

They really suck

Archaeologists suck at relationships...

... that's why they are dating dinosaours

My friend broke her leg...

I said, "it must suck tibia right now".

Vampires suck your blood to get vitamin D, because they can not be out in the sun.

Have you ever thought about that?

No, because all you think about is yourself.

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