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Who will be Kim Jong-Un's successor?

Kim Jong-Deux

A minister was making farewell visits before moving to a new parish.

An elderly woman of the congregation paid him the compliment of suggesting that his successor would not be as good as he had been.

Nonsense, he replied, flattered.

No, really, she insisted. * I've lived here under six different ministers, and each new one has been worse than the last. *

A Russian Joke

People start starving and getting mad at Nikita Khrushchev.

He gets his hammer and breaks the *in case of emergency* glass, inside there are two letters from Stalin.

He opens the first one, it says "Blame everything on me."

This works great. For a while.

Soon, everyone is starving again, and Nikita opens the second letter. It says "Write two letters for your successor."

The Pope died and they needed a successor.

They considered Cardinal Sicola, but he was not chosen because they didn't want a Pope Sicola.

With Kim Jong Un's death possible, his successor would be his sister. Perhaps we wouldn't have to worry about being nuked all the time.

We'd only have to worry about being nuked once a month!

Why is Xbox 360's successor called Xbox One and not Xbox 720?

Cos 720 is 1

Tapes have sides A and B

So the only reasonable successor would be a CD

The Queen of all dairy was rumored to have the most beautiful successor in all the land.

She had the finest Dairy heir.

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