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My father wants me to treat him like a king

So I stabbed him while he was sleeping. The succession line has to go on, dad.

After roughly three years i finally got around to making a documentary about the nonspatial continuum in which events occur in apparently irreversible succession from the past through the present to the future

It's about time

A father wanted to name his kids with 'Ger' in their names. In succession, the first child was name Gerald, the next was named Geraldine. The father then had triplets.

That was Germany.

I was going to buy a new Volkswagen but my Grandpa got angry at me because of what happened to him during WW2. Apparently, during WW2 my Grandpa

had a succession of highly unreliable German cars.

Create a group based on the well-being and succession of others for your own spiritual benefit

Call it the Good Chi Gang

I've dated a succession of girls with the same name. The latest is certainly the most sweary and violent.

I guess it's because she's Pegi 18

(for the euros)

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