Subtraction Jokes

Looking for a fun way to learn about addition and subtraction? Check out these hilarious jokes that incorporate cosecants, numerators, and decimals to help you master the basics!

Silly Subtraction Jokes for a Good Time with Friends

what's the difference between a subtraction sign and a feminist

a subtraction sign actually makes a difference

With four days left until the end of the world...

I should really try to get better at subtraction.

My math teacher said she only teaches subtraction... because she wants to make a difference.

I failed math.

Little Johnny was in math class

The class was learning subtraction with big numbers today, and the teacher decided to use money as the unit of measurement. Johnny hadn't been paying much attention, so the teacher called on him, "Little Johnny, if you start with $1000 and gave $150 to Lucy, $150 to Suzy and $200 to Brittany, what would you have?"

"Well I'd have $500 left over after a very expensive o**..., sir"

No matter how big or small, you can make a difference.

It's called subtraction.

Addition, subtraction and multiplication might be difficult for Americans.

But g**... are they good at dividing.

From my 6yo

Me (after having taught her subtraction): "So, what's the difference between 10 and 5?"

"They're just two different numbers!"

This next song is called "Subtraction"...

Take it away!

Our discrete mathematics professor told us that addition is the same as subtraction

There is no difference.

I love subtraction sums so much...

...I won't let anyone take it away from me.

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