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I noticed something about the letter "B"

Sometimes it makes subtle appearances

An American woman is hiking through Germany...

She's enjoying taking in the sights and immersing herself in the culture. But one day, while hiking through a wooded area, she comes across an elderly German man taking a leak on the side of the path. He's hardly subtle about it; letting his sausage hang out for the world to see. Immediately the woman averts her eyes! "Oh, gross!" she exclaims. The Old German man, just finishing up, winks suggestively at the woman before zipping up his fly and walking away. "Danke schΓΆn"

Subtlety is my middle name

And my first and last name too, in case they miss my point.

Subtle joke, Subtlety is my middle name

A Russian soldier and an american soldier are drinking at a bar

The Russian says "I'm impressed by american propaganda. It's so subtle but effective."

The american responds "What are you talking about, we don't do propaganda."

Some say the "e" in the word "subtle" is silent

But I just pronounce it subtly.


Whoever put that 'b' in there is a genius.

Give me an example of a genius:

The man who put the 'b' in subtle.

Subtle joke, Give me an example of a genius:

Why is it so hard to explain a pun to a kleptomaniac?

They don't understand the subtle nuances of the English language, so they can't pick up on the double entendres needed to appreciate a good pun. It may be a generalization, but in my experience that's how it works out.

What do you call a subtle Norse god?


What do you call tea that isn't very blatant?

Subtle tea

Explaining to my Married Friends how Tinder works.

Me : So you swipe right if you like them and swipe left if you don't like

Them : Ohhhhhh

Me : So basically you need to log in to the Facebook account to access the app.

Them : Ohhhhhh

Me : Don't worry nothing gets posted on Facebook

Them : Ohhhhhh

P. S - Only Married Folks understand the subtle difference in the Ohhhhhhs

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A friend told me that he started but couldn't complete a book called "the subtle art of not giving a f**k"

I replied - "but I think you got the point regardless!"

I thought of a morbid joke

But I'm not gonna make it.


My girlfriend said this with another joke in mind but I thought the way she brought it up made a nice subtle joke on it's own.

One of my pet peeves is when someone pronounces the "b" in "subtle"


The 'b' is subtle isn't actually silent.

It's just subtle

What does Sean Connery call a bus that drops people off sneakily?


Subtle joke, What does Sean Connery call a bus that drops people off sneakily?

A black work colleague of mine accused me of making subtle racist comments to him.

I had to defend myself and said woah, now hold on a cotton picking minute

We all know the new Avengers movie is just the Boston Tea Party but bigger.

Come on guys Infinite Tea War you weren't even subtle.

What's the difference between a euphemism and a double entendre?

A euphemism hits you in the face, but a double entendre is more subtle.

There are subtle differences in the Northern and Southern Dialect

Northern Euphemism for *long dong*

>My pp is PARTY SIZE

Southern Euphemism for *long dong*


My friend asked for a microwave

So i waved at him in a very gentle and subtle manor

The details in big hero 6

I just watched Big hero 6 and I loved it! I loved the details in it, Tadashi' s subtle breathing. I got disappointed when they got lazy and stopped animating it though.

This joke is sponsored by a Norse God's subtle, ground-level baritone, door unlocker.

It's Loki's low low key, low key, key.

Hints are like bombs

As long as they're really not subtle, You only need to drop one.

But you drop a second one just to be really sure they got the message.

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