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Top 10 of the Funniest Subsequent Jokes and Puns

An Englishman comes to Harvard.

Unable to find out the way to the library, he approaches an undergrad. The subsequent conversation is as follows-

Englishman: Excuse me. Could you kindly enlighten me where the library is at?

Undergrad: It's Harvard. People don't end sentences with a preposition here.

Englishman: Oh, I see. Could you kindly enlighten me where the library is at, asshole?

A scientific study determined that married men live longer.

A subsequent study found that it only seemed longer.

For a second consecutive year a team competing in the Super Bowl has home field advantage.

To ensure this doesn't happen again, all subsequent Super Bowls will be held in Dallas, Texas.

I went to Ireland's Titanic Exhibit and requested a glass of water.

The barista asked me if I wanted ice with that.
Unsettled, I whispered: "...Is that safe here?"

We're miles apart now, but I'll always appreciate my time there, because if it wasn't for her subsequent laughter, I'd have never known how great I was at ice breakers.

An infinite number of mathematicians walk into a bar.

The first one to enter asked for a pint of whatever's on tap.

The second, third, fourth, and so on all the way to the infinite subsequent patron to enter said "I'll have half of what he's having", pointing to the person who came before him.

The bar tender responded "you're all idiots!" and poured two pints.

The Japanese Prime Minister formally protested after meeting Trump at the White House

Mr Trump treated Shinzo Abe to his trademark greeting, involving a muscular grasping of the hand and the subsequent pulling of the recipient towards him in a dominant way.

Mr Abe said, "What an awful yank. And I didn't like the handshake either."

Remember folks, we all wouldn't be here if it were not for the big Bang. 😉

And all the smaller subsequent ones.

Did anyone hear about the new music genre created by the VP in the clinton administration?

The general idea is that the end of each song is determined by a combination of the beginning of that song and the subsequent bars taken to reach the end.

It's called 'al-gore-rhythm'.

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