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r/Jokes Has 19 Million subscribers!

It's amazing what 7 jokes can do

Following McDonalds example, all the streaming services have cut off their Russian subscribers

Locals in Moscow can now only watch Nyetflix

r/Jokes is almost at 20 million subscribers!

It's amazing what you can accomplish with just ten jokes!

There are only 1,300 subscribers to the new Fappening sub after the ban.

The other 100,000 came and left.

We have passed 10 million subscribers. Thank you very much for joining us.

Sincerely Coronavirus

What do Jesus and Logan have in common?

Both's amount of subscribers is decreasing.

Subscribers to Bread Enthusiast Monthly were upset when the July edition was all about flat bread. They said it was too big of a change from all the magazine's usual topics.

In actuality, it was a naan-issue.

Annoying Orange has 5 million subscribers, but has long since reached its peak.

Now he's president of the United States.

Genders are like T series' subscribers

There are only two real ones

Hey guys, we heard you guys were upset about losing a lot of subscribers on your YouTube channel.

Nah, it's fine bros.

I wouldn't believe this is a sub with 10 million subscribers...

Like...I browse this the next day and its the same 10 posts on the front page.

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