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I once had a substitute that had no rules, except for no Smashmouth.

I thought she was kidding, but then I saw her face.

I do not subscribe to the infinite universes theory.

Because if it were true, in at least one of them, you're wouldn't be an idiot.

What is Jared Fogle's favorite meat in his Subway subs?

9 year old weiners

Subs joke, What is Jared Fogle's favorite meat in his Subway subs?

Do you think Jared from Subway

will still be a spokesperson for foot long subs in prison? 😏

Why does Jared love 6-inch subs?

He doesn't, he likes 14-year old girls

Jared Fogle likes his subs the way he likes his women...

6 to 12

The substance was mildly acidic on the pH scale

It was a solid 5/7

Subs joke, The substance was mildly acidic on the pH scale

I just got subscription to a Magazine About lettuce...

...I mean, It's fun to leaf through, and full of crisp facts -*And that's just issue 1!* The publishers assure me that it's only the tip of the iceberg! Gee, I can't wait for issue 2 to see what facts romaine!

My substitute teacher had diarrhea...

She couldn't control her Pewp Hole.

Subway is really upset about allegations concerning the meat in their subs...

They haven't been this worried about meat between buns since Jared was sentenced.

What does a dominatrix and Indiana Jones have in common?

They both ride on top of subs.

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I don't subscribe to a nihilistic attitude towards life...

It's such a pointless waste of time being like that.

I subscribed to a great new magazine the other day.

There's just one issue.

At a substance rehabilitation center, a sign is displayed on the lawn

"Keep off of the grass"

if moderating was a real job...

this subs moderators would have been fired a long time ago

Subscribers to Bread Enthusiast Monthly were upset when the July edition was all about flat bread. They said it was too big of a change from all the magazine's usual topics.

In actuality, it was a naan-issue.

Subs joke, Subscribers to Bread Enthusiast Monthly were upset when the July edition was all about flat bread. T

Sex switch

Shouldn't those who can be both the doms and subs be known as ambisextrous?

I should get a job at the Pentagon Subway

So I can say I build subs for the Pentagon.

Two types of people go on NSFW subs.

The people too ashamed to comment, and the people too busy to comment.

Just subscribed to a chemistry youtube channel but there's one issue

He only does reaction videos

Hello, Im here to subscribe to the gym

+Hello, I'm here to subscribe to the gym
-Are you here because of a New Year Resolution?
-We have a one day plan, it includes 4 selfies in the weight lifting area

Subscribe (Verb) - to obtain or have a subscription to a publication, concert series, service, etc.

Subscribe (Noun) - a very obedient writer

I subscribed to a weekly email about the latest watches...

I now know that's I'm on somekind of watch list

Did you hear the Port of Subs down the street burned down?

They should have been a Firehouse Subs.

As an armchair pundit, I can't help thinking the Thai team would have escaped sooner

If they'd made better use of their subs

They say you are what you eat...

I've been eating footlong subs for years and I'm nowhere near a foot long...

My substitute teacher gave off fishy vibes.

One describes it as temp-aura.

What substance is just as effective against crime stoppers as it is against criminals?


How do you know if a dominatrix is racist?

All of her subs are collared people!

I like my subs the way I like my sex.

Freaky Fastβ„’

TIFU by getting myself a sandwich from Subway instead of Firehouse Subs.

Wait, wrong sub

What do YouTubers and Jared Fogle have in common?

They both sell out for subs.

A man walks in to a local deli and sees this sign.

€4 Chicken Sub
€3 Ham Sub
€2 Hand job

A beautiful blond walks up to serve him.

Man- Are you the one who gives the hand jobs?

Beautiful Blonde- Yes I am

Man- Great, would ya mind washing your hands there and get me two ham subs.

Why do people always talk about gaming on politics subs?

Also, can anyone tell me why Mortal Kombat: Ultra isn't on Steam?

My crush kissed me!

I wish I could post it in other subs.

As a dominant I love reddit...

This place is full of subs

Hookers on Naval Subs


Whats the best thing about having dementia?

There are new jokes on this subs all the time

Why are there no subs in Pennsylvania?

Everyone is either a hoagie or a dom.

What do Grubhub and FetLife have in common?

Hot subs in your area


Steve and Cliff are having this talk. Steve says, "My wife lets me subscribe to National Geographic and Playboy for the same reason." Cliff says, "Why?"

Steve says, "Because with both magazines, I get to see places I'll never get to visit."

Why did the dominatrix join the submarine crew?

...She's just got a thing for subs.

A substitute teacher enters the class and asks:

"What do we call it when a muscle moves in our body involuntarily?"

No answer comes from the students. After waiting for a while the teacher decides to move on with another topic, but he sees a reluctant hand rising from the back row. The teacher tells him to answer. The kid replies:

"A tick, sir"

"Very good, son! What is your name?"


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