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I'm having trouble writing a good joke about golf and sandwiches...

Everything I come up with is sub-par.

What do you call a low-quality golf course?


I thought my golf joke was pretty lame,

but everyone kept assuring me that it was subpar.

Subpar joke, I thought my golf joke was pretty lame,

Reddit was planning to promote some food subreddits on the featured page.

One of the featured subreddits was supposed to be about chocolate fountains, but there was a big controversy, and they decided to find a replacement. A former substitute teacher who was fired from her job had started a subreddit about bar food.

The mods selected it as a replacement. The subpar sub's pub sub sub subbed superbly.

What does an unchallenging mini-golf course have in common with a strip club?

During daytime hours they're both sub-par

I recently opened a combination sandwich shop/mini golf course

I thought it was a good idea, but the reviews said the experience was sub-par

U-boats aren't very good at golf

In fact, they're *subpar*.

Subpar joke, U-boats aren't very good at golf

How are new pants like a sub-par mansion?

There's no ball room

I didn't think my golf joke was that good,

but everyone kept assuring me it was subpar.

My ex GF was like a good game of golf.

All holes subpar.

Why is there no such thing as a great golfer?

The best ones are consistently sub-par.

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I went to subway and ordered a sandwich...

It was of average quality, I'd call it *Subpar*.


The only sport where a subpar performance is optimal.

I played golf in a submarine the other day.

It was subpar.

You see that film about the subpar mathematician trying to crack the enigma code?

You know the one, The Limitation Game.

My friend was mad when i beat him at a round of golf.

I had told him i was subpar.

Subpar joke, My friend was mad when i beat him at a round of golf.

How is your golf game?

Eh... It's sub-par.

My boss always gets angry at me when we golf together, for some reason.

All I do is compliment him on his subpar golfing skills

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