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  1. I'm tired of seeing "Hey OP, I banged your mom" comments every time I post a submission.... I never should have given dad my username.
  2. Found a interesting submission today about how to counter-attack while fencing... Then I realized it was a riposte.
  3. Trying to post on Reddit is like applying for jobs... 99% of the responses you get will begin with "Thank you for your submission! Unfortunately..."
  4. What's the difference between a gingerbread man and an orange man? One runs away, the other runs for president.
    ^^It's ^^kinda ^^my ^^first ^^submission ^^I ^^hope ^^it's ^^ok
  5. British woman in New York pummels a teenager into submission and is congratulated by royalty But enough about Ghislaine Maxwell, let us celebrate Emma Raducanu's achievments instead.
  6. Did you hear about the homeless artist who got turned down in his submission for a classic string toy rebranding? It was a no-go hobo yo-yo logo.
  7. Why I am leaving this sub: She refused to do as I had asked. I do not have tolerance for disobedient submissives.
  8. Good news: I recently discovered I was interested in Necrophilia. Bad news: I'm a submissive bottom.
  9. I once was wrestling a guy and had him in a lock but couldn't make him tap out. Sorry for the bad submission.
  10. Chuck knows the best Chuck Norris facts ever But we will never find out what they are because he doesn't believe in any form of submission

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Submissive One Liners

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  1. Why did the fencer downvote my latest submission? It was a Riposte.
  2. What do you call a submissive furry? A subwoofer
  3. What's 7 inches and makes women submissive? A knife.
  4. What do you call a submissive dog? A sub-woofer
  5. Am I a submissive guy? You tell me.
  6. You know what I think of submissive citrus fruits. They are sublime.
  7. What does a submissive gay Asian eat? Top ramen.
  8. [OC] I asked my friend for advice as I was being too submissive "Say no more." He replied.
  9. Dom-Top Seeking NEW Submissive For Night. Whoops, wrong sub!
  10. Chuck Norris doesn’t swim, we beats the water into submission.
  11. Punch line Pun
    /typical submission
  12. I was flying solo I just couldn't go high enough.
    My first submission here ;)
  13. I really hate when people only put one word in their submissions title
  14. The punchline What should you NEVER put in the title of your submission?
  15. Pornhub has banned submissions of the Germany-Brazil game. They don't allow r**... videos.

Submissive joke, Pornhub has banned submissions of the Germany-Brazil game.

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AITA: I went to an o**... last night as a d**... and accidentally hooked up with someone else's submissive.

Oops wrong sub

The ad in the paper said, "You think you're funny? Tell us your best pun, and you'll win a $200 Amazon gift card!"

Well, I just couldn't resist. I sat down and wrote not one, but 10 of my best knee-slappers, rib-ticklers, and witty turns-of-phrase. I sent my list of comedy gold to the paper, and then began daydreaming about what I would do with $200.
The day on which the paper announced the contest winner finally arrived! I scanned, and then carefully read the full-page of submissions, but the truth stared me in the face. Of my submissions that should have won, no pun in ten did.

I just emailed off my application for d**... Club.

They replied almost straight away, thanking me for my submission.

Adam's new wife

Adam had been in the garden of Eden for several years without someone to share his life with. One day, he asked God for a companion.
God said to him, "I can give you a wife that will be everything you could dream of. Humble and submissive, she will make your life nothing but pleasurable. However, to make her I'll need an arm and a leg."
Adam says, "Aw what, that s**...! What can I get for a rib?"

A professor was starting to read and grade the immense stack of term papers on his desk....

....when a young man approached his desk.
Here's my paper, sir, said the student.
I'm sorry, young man. That paper was due yesterday, and I do not accept late submissions.
Well, excuse me, sir, the student said, haughtily. Do you know who I am?
No, I do not, replied the professor.
Good! the student answered gleefully, as he hastily stuck his paper into the middle of the stack and beat a hasty retreat.

Submissive joke, What's 7 inches and makes women submissive?