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A professor was starting to read and grade the immense stack of term papers on his desk....

....when a young man approached his desk.

Here's my paper, sir, said the student.

I'm sorry, young man. That paper was due yesterday, and I do not accept late submissions.

Well, excuse me, sir, the student said, haughtily. Do you know who I am?

No, I do not, replied the professor.

Good! the student answered gleefully, as he hastily stuck his paper into the middle of the stack and beat a hasty retreat.

Seeking jokes for my grandmother who has dementia

My 90 year old grandma is in an assisted living home due to her dementia. She has been feeling isolated (no visits due to Covid).

I have decided to start calling her everyday with a "Joke Of The Day" but I need your help with grandma friendly jokes.

All submissions are greatly appreciated (and any tips for connecting remotely with someone who has dementia and is unable to work any technology). Thank you in advance!

Pornhub has banned submissions of the Germany-Brazil game.

They don't allow rape videos.

The Russian Government has released a new streaming service with only state-approved media. All American submissions are immediately denied.

They call it NYET-flix

Why did men's synchronized swimming not make the Olympics?

Too many balls-ups in the submissions process.

What do academics and UFC fighters have in common?

They both care a lot about submissions.

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