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A Submarine Captain is walking down the street...

... when he sees a Buddhist monk fixing a fence.

"Hey mister, I'm having some trouble running my submarine. None of my crew like me. You're a wise man, what would you suggest?" asked the Captain.

"Make sure to switch everybody's positions very often" said the monk.

"Why?" said the Captain.

The monk replied "You'd be surprised at the amount of karma you get from reposting."

Why did the submarine quit its job?

It was under too much pressure.

Why are submarines more dangerous than regular ships?

They're built with sub-standard materials.

An English man, French and American walk near the sea

And argue who has the best submarines.

The french says: Our submarines can las a whole week under water.

The english man says: Our submarines can last two weeks under water.

The american says: Well our submarines can last a whole month under water.

Near them a submarin emerges from the water and a man comes out of it and asks: Heil, is the war over?

Why couldn't the submarine captain keep piloting the sub?

The pressure was killing him.

What does a submarine full of gay guys smell like?

Sea Men

I got onto my submarine at the military base, and realized that the lay-out was different. Even worse, some guys stuff was in my bunk!

Whoops, wrong sub

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