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If you drive a Subaru in reverse, what are you?

U r a bus

The wife and I were at the car dealership the other day...

I told the salesman that we were looking for a Subaru Outback then he hit me with a
*"What's wrong with the ones Outfront?"*
At that point I was prepared to offer him full sticker price for whatever because anything less would've been a disservice.

why can't you put a Subaru in reverse?

Because then U R A Bus!
(Reposted to fix typo where I misspelled Subaru)

I'm going to dress up as a Subaru head gasket for Halloween.

There's a really good chance I'll get blown.

My dad died last year. among the things he left us in his Legacy :

were some jump leads,
a tartan blanket
and the original Subaru owners manual.

The japanese company Subaru is releasing an electric remodel of the Subaru Legacy

it's called Legacy 2 electric subaru

I saw a Prius c**... into a Subaru Outback the other day...

There was granola everywhere.

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