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Everyone knows the story of Achilles, but no one remembers his twin brother Bophadese.

Their mother Thetis, dunked them both into the River Styx to make them immortal. She held Achilles by the heel and Bophades by the testicles, and while everyone has heard of Achilles Heel, very few are familiar with Bophades Nuts.

Have you ever heard of the Greek hero Bophades?

He was one of the heroes who fought in the Trojan War. His story is similar to the story of Achilles. When he was a child, his mother held him by the groin and dipped him in the river Styx, as to make him invincible in battle. However, just like Achilles, he had a weak spot. Because his mother held him by the groin, this was where he became vulnerable. In the case of Achilles, this was his heel. So you may have heard of Achilles' heel, or the Achilles' tendon, but I bet you have never heard of Bophades nuts.

Recently joined a Styx cover band

We play the same songs, but heavier. We're called Logz.

Styx joke, Recently joined a Styx cover band

What would happen if The Styx and The Stones got a band together?

It wood rock.

It is a little risky to download Come Sail Away or Satisfaction from the internet. Turn, Turn, Turn is perfectly safe however.

Styx and Stones may break your phones, but The Byrds will never hurt you.

Charron, the ferryman of the dead, has a tough job

I admire him though. He really Styx with it

What is Hades' favorite form of transportation?

Pogo Styx.

Styx joke, What is Hades' favorite form of transportation?

What's a dogs favorite band?


A Limerick

There once was a man from the Styx

Who liked to write Limericks

But he failed at the sport

Because he wrote them too short

Charon hasn't been promoted for millenia, his job isn't that good.

He styx with it though.

Styx and The Rolling Stones

I think Styx and The Rolling Stones should've toured together

They could've called it the Break Your Bones Tour

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I ordered each song by Styx in order from most favorite to least favorite. It took me a full day to complete.

I've got too much time on my hands.

I met a Native American fan of Styx the other day.

We talked for a bit, and he had to leave. I realized I didn't know his name. So I asked, and he told me he was called "Tecumsehlaway".

Kenny Rogers, Styx and Jerry Lewis walk into a bar.

they sit down at a table and no one waits on them for several minutes. They all notice a waitress at the same time and try calling to her.

Styx: layyyyyyydy,
Kenny Rogers: Laydddy
Jerry Lewis: Laaaaaaaaaaaaady,

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