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Well... Well... Well...

Welcome to stutterers anonymous


What does NNNNNSSSSSAAAAA stand for?

National Stutterers Association.


A Prostitute goes to a Stutterer's Convention...

A prostitute goes to a Stutterers convention
And sees three guys standing in the hallway and figures she can use a warm up...

She says fellas..
If any of you can tell me where you are from without stuttering I'll give you a blowjob...

So the first guy says Cinci Sis isisisiisisi Natteeeeee

She says sorry you're out!

The next guy says DD. d ddddDDetroit
She says sorry you're out!

The next guy says Miami!!
She says ok ...
She gives him a blowjob...
She gets up to walk away...

He goes

Ba Ba B B B Beach......


Two stutterers went to order food

They didn't.


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