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Just been asked by a group of kids outside the Spar shop if I would get them 20 Richmonds.

Stupidly I agreed and got them a packet.

When I handed them over, I couldn't believe the abuse I got off the cheeky little bastards after doing it!! Told them next time they can get their own sausages!!

A stupidly wealthy business man builds a golden house.

On the day he moves in, he spends a few hours in the games room playing on his golden playstation 4.

Next he goes into the reading room and reads the golden newspaper.

After a while he feels restless, goes to the gym, and works out on the golden treadmill.

After 30 minutes on the treadmill he collapses from exhaustion, and says 'fuck me, that was hard work, I could do with a shower.'

Had a stupidly long receptionist shift today.

I worked from desk till dawn.

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My wife is one of those annoying people that ruins films by asking questions.

Last night we were watching Schindler's List and she stupidly asked, "Why are you wanking?".

After asking my girlfriend to marry me I spoke to her farther and told him I stupidly forgot to ask for his permission beforehand.

He replied Hi stupid lee, welcome to the family

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