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Studies suggest when it comes to dealing with stress, masturbation is twice as effective as sex

So one in the hand really is worth two in the bush.

A New study I read suggests that 1 in every 10 people are gay.

This is really creeping me out because I've gotten jerked off by 10 guys and it's almost guaranteed that one of them was gay.

Studies suggest that masturbation is twice as effective as sex for dealing with stress.

So one in the hand really is worth 2 in the bush

Studies suggest that parents can do 1/3 of their kids' math assignments

However, they struggle with the other 3/4

Study suggests that a man does sex for a minimum 30 times a year.

Looks like it is going to be fun December for me.

New research shows that birthdays are good for your health

Studies suggest that people with the most birthdays live the longest

It's that time of year again...

A female student goes to a male professor and says "I would be willing to do ANYTHING to get a good grade"

The professor replies "Anything?"

The student suggestively replies, " Yes, anything!"

The professor says "Good! Come to class, hand in assignments on time and study!"

Scientists Find Zika Might Be Transmitted by Oral Sex

The study suggests a little head may result in a little head.

My parents suggested I study Art

because they love me so much and want me to live with them forever.

Standing behind a lady at Home Depot. Heard her ask for suggestions for tools to buy her grandson who was studying to be a quantum mechanic.

The Kinsey Institute studies suggest that frequent sex is linked to better memory.

May the year 2013 bring you warmth, love and light to guide your path to a positive destination.

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Studies now suggest that trees live longer when they are not cut down.

They say an elephant never forgets...

so I suggest we switch from mice to elephants to study alzheimer's disease.

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