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In the original 'Good Will Hunting' script, there is a surprise gay sex scene between the two straight leads. It was purposely put there as a test to see if studios actually read the script. Harvey Weinstein was the only producer who mentioned the scene

Weinstein said that the sex scene usually takes place before he approves a movie

What do Universal Studios and Pinocchio have in common?

They both own a woodpecker

Someone at Sony Studios was arrested for having a bomb in his backpack.

He was released after it was determined that it was the script for Ghostbusters

All these women-casted movie reboots

The studios behind the women-casted reboot movies must be making a fortune by cutting their labor costs by 30%

Unemployment rates at bondage studios are high.

Most candidates are unwilling to learn the ropes.

AMA character from the Universal Studios Harry Potter world

Really! I'm Sirius!

Why are recording studios paid in exponents of ten?

Because they log-a-rhythm.

Studios joke, Why are recording studios paid in exponents of ten?

I'm excited visiting the Harry Potter world in universal studios until I saw a sign on one of the rides

You must be this tall to ride Hermione ....

Marvel studios have just released a trailer for a new plumbing superhero and his side kick. The sidekick only has one line of dialogue in the trailer....

"I am grout!"

Yoga studios are kinda aggressive.

When I go to leave they always tell me "Nah must stay!"

Why are TV shows full of drug use?

Because studios misread the demand for a strong heroine.

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This High Flying 2009 film from Pixar studios won Best Animated Feature at the 82nd Academy Awards.

"What's 'Up', Alex?"

"Not much, what's up with you?"

How did TV studios make words appear on screen before computers?

Character actors!

There's a new Fast & Furious ride at Universal Studios

I really hope I don't get Paul Walkers car

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