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Funniest Studio Short Jokes

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  1. NBC is planning a sitcom about the life of Abe Lincoln. Shot in front of a live studio audience.
  2. Two goats were behind a Hollywood movie studio eating an old movie film. One goat said to the other, "Pretty good, huh?"
    The second goat said, "Yeah, but not as good as the book".
  3. Did you hear about the new Abraham Lincoln sitcom on ABC? Shot in front of a live studio audience.
  4. The Beatles were sitting in the studio, making up ideas for new songs. Paul: Anyone got any ideas for how we should end Hey Jude?
    John: Nah.
    George: Nah.
    Ringo: Nah.
  5. My Yoga instructor was so hot, I didn't want to leave the studio... She kept telling me it was done but I said "namaste"
  6. So The Beatles and their producer, George Martin, were in the studio...... Paul: Any ideas on how to end Hey Jude?
    John: Nah
    George: Nah
    Ringo: Nah
    George Martin: Nah
    Paul: Perfect!
  7. TIL of a Nine Inch Nails and Tool collaboration project that never made it to the studio because of union issues It was called Unlicensed Carpentry
  8. When I'm trying to find a hum in my music studio: Hmmmm.
    I made this up and no matter how few upvotes it gets im proud because it's original.
  9. A friend of mine works in a recording studio and he was telling me which are the best speakers to buy. It was sound advice.
  10. People could never make 'Blazing Saddles' nowadays. If you gave the script to a movie studio, they'd say, "This is the script for 'Blazing Saddles,' why are you giving this to me?"

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Studio One Liners

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  1. A local cartoonists studio has burnt down. Police say that details are sketchy.
  2. Leaked NASA documents show the Moon landing was done in a Studio. On the moon.
  3. What did the Mexican say when he left the recording studio? Audios.
  4. I faced the wrong way on live television. Back to the studio.
  5. What do you call an art studio on the bad side of town? Sketchy
  6. Where does Phil Collins record his music? The Stu-Stu-studio
  7. My daughter works at a gymnastic studio that is so accommodating They bend over backwards
  8. What do Universal Studios and Pinocchio have in common? They both own a woodpecker
  9. Where does Phil Collins record his songs? In a stu-stu-studio.
  10. Where does Phil Collins record all of his music? The stu-stu-studio.
  11. What did the homeless yogi say when told to leave the yoga studio? Nah, I must stay.
  12. I like my women like I like my moon landings Faking it in a Hollywood Studio
  13. What do you get when you cross Studio Ghibli and pizza rolls? My Neighbor Totino
  14. AMA character from the Universal Studios Harry Potter world Really! I'm Sirius!
  15. Why are recording studios paid in exponents of ten? Because they log-a-rhythm.

Recording Studio Jokes

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  • The Beatles were recording in a studio. John says, "Look! Yoko's here" Paul, George and Ringo say: O no
  • Everyone thought Kim Jung Un was in a vegetative state, but actually he was in the studio recording his acoustic album Kim Jung Unplugged.
  • Where Does Phil Collins Record His Albums? In the stu\-stu\-studio.
    Reaction to this could go either way. I am ready.
  • What did Paul, George, and Ringo say when John brought his wife to the recording studio? O, No!

Animation Studio Jokes

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  • This High Flying 2009 film from Pixar studios won Best Animated Feature at the 82nd Academy Awards. "What's 'Up', Alex?"
    "Not much, what's up with you?"
  • George Clooney opened an animation studio... ...his first cartoon was called "The Clooney Toons"
  • Did you hear about what happened when the anime studio tried to make a s**...-ed video? Kids kept getting confused about why the octopus was showing up.

Studio Ghibli Jokes

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  • These Studio Ghibli movies have great redemption arcs. Its like the characters went zero chihiro.
  • How Much Is Studio Ghibli Worth? About 15 Billi-Yen Dollars.
  • What's the s**... Studio Ghibli movie? Bowels Moving Castle
Studio joke, What's the s**... Studio Ghibli movie?

Fun-Filled Studio Jokes to Make You and Your Friends Chuckle & Giggle

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Outside a PHOTO studio...

We can shoot your wife and also frame your mother-in-law .
On demand we can even nail and hang them.

Anyone know any good jokes about a mad scientist?

I work at a art studio and a group of scientist booked one of our adult classes & i thought it would be fun to start the class with a science related joke. So give me your best best shot

Luella and Rose

There were these two sisters Luella and Rose. They were going
to get a picture taken of themselves as they just got their checks.
They go to the studio and after the photographer fools with the
camera he tells Rose to sit quietly because he had to focus.
Well, Luella being hard of hearing says, "Huh?"
Rose says, "Be still girl he's gonna focus!"
Luella looks and says, "Both of us?"

Why did the zombie move into a studio apartment?

Because he didn't need a living room anymore!

Death comes upon you. What do you tell him?

A man is wandering through a film studio, when he suddenly hears a loud crack. He looks up, and almost in slow motion, he sees a giant set piece falling towards him.
With a silent puff, the Grim Reaper appears beside him. In a panic, he points and shouts:
"Sean Bean is over there! "
Inspired by a battlenet forum post for Hearthstone :)

Today I was approached by Beyonce

Today I was approached by Beyonce who had just finished setting up at the studio. She said to me, "Excuse me hon. You haven't seen my phone have you? It's pink with a 'Bubblicious' cover on it."
I said, "No, sorry. Have you tried calling it?"
She said, "No. I put it on silent."
I said, "If you liked it then you should have put a ring on it."

An Irish man decides to go on Mastermind....

He's called to the chair.
'Your chosen subject?' asks the presenter.
'Easter Rising of 1916, sir,' he replied.
Time starts now ... What was the date of the Easter Rising of 1916?'
'Who led the Easter Rising of 1916?'
'How many men were involved in the Easter Rising of 1916?'
Suddenly an Irish voice boomed from the studio audience:
'That's right, p**... - tell them nothing!'

A man walks into a sculptors studio and says...

"I would like a bust in my image so how much would that cost?"
The sculptor says " woah you only just walked in the door and you are already talking prices, let's back up a bit"
The man replied " I'm sorry I'm getting a head of myself"

Why is the Whitehouse like a pottery studio?

There are multiple firings every day!

If Elon Musk started a yoga studio...

...he'd be the owner of a boring company and an inner resting company as well.

A woman was just taking a bath when she heard the doorbell.

She thought she'd just pretend not to be home but then the ringer called, Hello? Anybody home? I'm the blind guy!
Ah well, if he is blind I can go and open the door just like this. No need to dress. thought the lady, hauled herself out of the bath and went to open the door.
Wow, said the guy waiting there, you should be on a fitness studio advertisement! Now, where should I put those blinds?

A woman was taking a bath when the doorbell rang

She thought she could just pretend like she isn't home, the person would leave and she could keep bathing. "Hello? Anybody home? I'm the blind guy"
She thought to herself "Well, if he's blind, then maybe I won't have to dress up. She got out of the bath, walked to the door and opened it.
"Wow!" Said the man. "You should be on a fitness studio advertisement! Now, where should I put those blinds?

A man visited a movie studio and was browsing the wardrobe archives.

He asked a costume designer which were her favourite pieces.
Well, that shirt there was worn by Pacino. That jacket was put together for De Niro. And these boots were made for Walken.

(Stolen but golden) Stevie Wonder is in the recording studio at the end of a long hard day.

He's chewing the fat with a few of the technicians.
One of them asks:
It must be hard being blind Stevie.
To which Stevie replies:
Yep, it's hard but at least I'm not black.

A yoga instructor ends every class with a mediation, allowing people lay down and relax before slowly filing out for the night. A half hour passes and the instructor is surprised to see one man remain in her studio.

Annoyed, she walks over to him and asks if he plans on leaving anytime soon .
The man takes a deep, meditative breath and calmly replies, Nah, Imma stay .

Pablo Picasso surprised a burglar at work in his studio

The burglar got away, but Picasso told the police he could do a rough sketch of what he looked like. On the basis of his drawing, the police arrested a mother superior, a washing machine, and the Eiffel tower.

Two Mice Live in a Movie Studio Warehouse

Two mice live in a movie studio warehouse and are looking for food. Suddenly one hears the other chewing.
"What did you find?" he asks.
"I'm not sure, it looks like a piece of film celluloid from an old movie. Let me see...ah, yes - it's from 'Gone with the Wind'".
"And how is it?"
"Nothing much. The book was better."

Did you hear about the TV anchorman who lost it and shot up the whole studio?

We were all blown away by the news

At our tattoo studio, women can flash their b**... to get a discount

The business model we operate on is "t**... for tat".

A movie studio is casting roles for a documentary about classical musicians.

Tom Cruise says I'll play the part of Mozart
Liam Neeson says I'll make a great Beethoven
Arnold Schwarzenegger says I'll be Bach

The day when my laptop was bored :(

The other day, my laptop asked me "Can we do something **hot,** just turn me on?!"
I replied, "Absolutely!!"
I opened **Android Studio** along with **30 chrome tabs**.

It was the **hottest thing** we ever did.

The studio is thinking of producing a remake for Green Lantern

They are waiting for the green light

What did the shirt say to the pants?

What up britches!
(At a photography studio today, taking an extended family picture with like 15 people there. This is what the photographer said to get us to smile. I couldn't stop laughing, and was beet red. We had to wait for me to calm down. I'm a middle age married man with teenage kids , it was great fun seeing my girls roll their eyes at dad, that couldn't stop laughing at a dumb joke.)

Darth Vader walks into a record store

Darth Vader walks into a record store and asks if they have a copy of George Michael's first studio album. The clerk says they are sold out, to which Vader responds - I find your lack of Faith disturbing!

A old TV psychic is given a question in an envelope and asked for the answer to said question without opening the envelope. The psychic holds it up to his head, concentrates, and says "The Answer! Is! 'Perpetuate!'"

Then, the old psychic opens the envelope to read the note inside out loud to the studio audience and says, "The Question! Is! How does a Chinese deli charge their customers...?!"

I've never brought a gal home to my studio apartment.

Part of me is worried that she'll judge me. After all, the place is pretty small.
But the other part of me is worried that she'll get a terrible sleep. Earplugs help, but even then it takes awhile to get used to my dad's snoring.

Why did the movie studio cancel the film about m**...?

They wanted to move away from period pieces.

A large movie studio is making a movie about famous musical composers played by very muscular actors. They had all of the actors choose who they wanted to be.

Dwayne Johnson chose Mozart.
Lou Ferrigno wanted Beethoven.
When asked who he wanted to play, Arnold Schwarzenegger said, I'll be Bach.

Studio joke, My daughter works at a gymnastic studio that is so accommodating

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