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A kinky passenger grinningly exposed himself to a stewardess as he boarded the plane.

"I'm sorry," said the woman, "but you'll have to show me your ticket, not your stub."

Ticket Please

A flight attendant was stationed at the departure gate to check tickets. As a man approached, she extended her hand for the ticket, instead he opened his trench coat and flashed her.
Without missing a beat....she said, "Sir, I need to see your ticket not your stub."

Why do cowboys always want to die with their boots on?

So they don't stub their toes when they kick the bucket.

Stub joke, Why do cowboys always want to die with their boots on?

I wanted to learn about amputees on Wikipedia

But I didn't learn much, because the article was a stub.

I stubbed my toe and got scolded by my parents for yelling What the duck

They were angry that I used fowl language

Can't move your toe after a bad stub?

No problem, just call a toetruck.

A stubborn chicken

There was once a stubborn chicken at Mr. Wiley's farm who always used to find ways to escape out the back.

Mr. Wiley decided to put a fence around chicken house, but being a stubborn chicken, he still managed to escape out the back.

Then Mr. Wiley decided to put it in a cage. But chicken, being stubborn still managed to escape out the back.

Frustrated, Mr. Wiley killed it, cooked it and finally ate it. But the chicken was stubborn. He still managed to escape out the back.

Stub joke, A stubborn chicken

What did the stubborn Hindu in Pakistan say after partition?


I said some stubtly racist stuff to a magpie

She was a victim of my crow aggressions.

If you're a movie ticket usher and .......

.... and amputee leaves the theater, but comes back and shows you his ticket, is it wrong to say to him "I'm glad you saved your stub" ?

There was once a very stubborn man who never learned how to swim...

They say he died in denial.

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I hate it when I stub my toe while rapping


I'm stubborn, I think it's a good trait.

Others don't agree with me. They're wrong.


Flight attendant was waiting at the gate for passengers when a man walked up to her. She said "sir, I need to see your ticket" the man then opened his trench coat and flashed her. The flight attendent then said. "sir. I said ticket. Not stub!"

TIFU by accidentally ramming my toe against the cigarette urn while I was trying to throw my cigarette away.

Oops, wrong stub.

What did ZZ Top say when they stub their toe?

Oh ow ow ow

Stub joke, What did ZZ Top say when they stub their toe?

Just saw that new Harry Potter movie, and was really disappointed...

...just looked at my ticket stub. It turns out the movie is called fantastic *beasts* and where to find them.

A libertarian prostitute looks at her pay stub..

"I'm sick of all these fucking-taxes"

My parking stub was being bitchy, argumentative, and expensive.

It just wanted validation.

Did you hear about the casino croupier whose hand, through a tragic accident, was reduced to a stub?

Don't worry, he's dealing with it.

What did the stubborn, fabric-bound book say to the leather books?

I will not be suede!

Stubbing my toe

Me: Ow, that hurts

Sister: What's wrong?

Me: Mitosis

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