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did you hear about the cannibal in school?

it was a struggle, but eventually he passed the class.

Latvian man dies of hunger.

He sees St Peter at Pearly Gate. St Peter give him bread and say, "Struggle over now". Man cry from happy. But, look again! St Peter is really devil, and bread have worm. Struggle continues.

I think winning the war on drugs is impossible.

I struggle just to tie my shoelaces on drugs.

Struggle joke, I think winning the war on drugs is impossible.

I don't watch World Cup soccer.

If I wanted to see grown men struggle to score for 90 minutes I'd go to a bar.

Sometimes I struggle to understand jokes about the Civil War.

I just General Lee don't get them.

ADHD has always been my biggest struggle in life

but you are gonna LOVE this yoyo trick

I'm not saying my wife is fat...

but I struggle to lift her photograph

Struggle joke, I'm not saying my wife is fat...

I don't watch soccer...

If I wanted to watch somebody struggle to score for 90 minutes, I would take my friends to the bar.

Why do men struggle to urinate with an erection?

It's just too hard.

A one-armed eldery man and his wife step into a restaurant in Paris

The man orders a steak while his wife goes for a salad. The waiter sees the man struggle with his steak, as he only has one arm. The waiter feels bad for the man, but doesn't want to ask him if everything is alright because he might embarrase the man. At one point the man leaves the table to go to the bathroom and the waiter approaches the woman.

"Is everything alright?" He asks. The woman tells him that her husband lost his arm in the second world war when he was fighting in Paris. The waiter tells his manager they've got a proper veteran in their restaurant and the manager doesn't think twice. "Everyone that fought for our freedom eats for free!"

The waiter brings them the good news and the couple is much delighted. After dinner the manager and the waiter escort the couple to the door. When holding the door open for the veteran he looks at the manager and says "Vielen dank fΓΌr die guten abend"

11.34: Arrived at crime scene

11.34: Arrived at crime scene

11.34: Examined body. Signs of a struggle

11.34: Found murder weapon in drain

11.34: Realised watch was broken

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I was watching my friend Luke trying to eat with chopsticks

After watching struggle for a while, I told him

Use the fork, Luke.

A heavily pregnant woman goes into labor in a retail store.

A crowd gathers around her as people struggle to help, or at least make her comfortable.

Panicked a man looks around and asks "Is anyone here a doctor?!"

From the crowd steps a man wearing skinny jeans and a plaid shirt, with short, neat hair and a scruffy beard. "I'm a vegan!"

My struggle with steroid addiction has only made me stronger.

Why do midgets make bad parents?

Cause they struggle to put food on the table

My favourite sex position is the JFK

I splatter all over her face and watch her struggle to get out of the car!

Struggle joke, My favourite sex position is the JFK

Why do people who drink milk struggle to walk?

Because they lactose.

Bald people struggle with improv,

They can't seem to come up with anything off the top of their head.

A Burglar got into the house of a Lawyer the other day...

After a terrible struggle, the Lawyer succeeded in robbing him.

I struggle with an intense fear of becoming disabled

It's crippling

What basic skill do herb farmers always struggle with?

Thyme management

Pakistan makes nuclear threat in response to fake news

The struggle Israel

What do Tom Brady and Rhonda Rousey have in common?

Both struggle to last longer than a minute with a Brazilian woman.

Math is so communist...

...There's class struggle for Marx

Why do programmers struggle with girls?

They tend to objectify them.

*I'll see myself out*

If you struggle cutting cake....

Is it still a piece of cake?

The wife & I have just been to the cinema to see that film, Suffragette.

Two hours of a woman's struggle... full of tears, aggression, sadness, anger and frustration.

Anyway, after she finally managed to park the car in the cinema car park, we rushed in and caught the credits.

The real reason women don't like guys under 6 feet

Dead people really struggle to hold a conversation.

For those who struggle with fractions:

6/5=Improper fraction,
5/5=Whole number,
4/5=Proper fraction,

After a year long struggle, my diabetic uncle just had both legs amputated below the ankle....

I guess you could say he was de-feeted.

85% of Millennials struggle with figuring out the opposite of these words.


You need to be able do your shoelaces before you get married.

Otherwise you might struggle to tie the knot.

Following the tragic death of the Human Cannonball at the Fair, a spokesman said

"We'll struggle to get another man of the same caliber."

Struggle is

Watching a match between England and West Indies, on a black and white television. Turn the brightness up and one team disappears, turn it down and the other does.

I have ADHD.

It's a struggle, and I can't focus on anything for more than

I want to try being broke one day

It's a struggle to be broke everyday

After a long struggle, my uncle finally came out of the closet.

He has Alzheimer's, and thought it was his truck.

Many people who appear to be cool ,often struggle with feelings of inadequecy . But not me.

I have those feelings without being cool.

Unreal numbers are the easiest part of advanced mathematics.

The struggle is real.

Studies show that 9 out of 10 men struggle with erectile dysfunction

I think that's crazy. Men nowadays are just getting soft

Does anyone know the PC term for short people?

...or do yall also struggle with gnomenclature

Whenever I struggle with my identity, I go to the bathroom and look in the mirror.

I find it's the best place for self reflection.

Why do British people struggle with getting a good night's sleep?

Because the sun never sets.

Studies suggest that parents can do 1/3 of their kids' math assignments

However, they struggle with the other 3/4

I'd tell you a joke about healthcare...

...but the Americans would struggle to get it.

Pirates may be good at math, but they struggle with the alphabet.

They spend years at c!

A detective story

11:45 - arrived at crime scene

11:45 - Examined body. Signs of struggle

11:45 - Found murder weapon in drain

11:45 - Realised watch was broken

For Me, Chess is a Lot Like Tinder

I know a few openings, but continually struggle to put myself into mating positions

Little person in the grocery line

I was in line at the grocery store yesterday and behind me in line was a dwarf or little person or whatever is the right word to call him. I chatted with him about the weather and during our conversation he mentioned his wife. I couldn't help but ask if she was of the same stature as him or not. He said she was a little person too. Then I asked if they had any trouble finding jobs and how they made a living. He said they do pretty good but admitted that they both struggle to put food on the table.

Apparently the man was smothered to death between a pair of breasts.

There was no sign of a struggle.

I know the pandemic is causing people to struggle financially, but honestly, I'm making a fortune.

I rent out bookcases to be installed behind everyone doing a TV interview about either Covid or the Impeachment process.

11:45 Arrive at the crime scene

11:45 Examine body, signs of a struggle
11:45 Found murder weapon in storm drain
11:45 Realize watch is broken

What problem does the Eskimo photographer struggle with because he has a terrible habit of sitting all day on a slab of ice, waiting for his film to develop?


As Northern Germans, we really struggle with the six feet distance mandate ...

Hopefully we can go back to our usual 10 feet distance after being vaccinated.

For me, chess is a lot like Tinder...

I know a few openings, but struggle to get into mating positions

Why are socialist school teachers so disorganized?

Because they love to see the class struggle.

what's all this commotion in Israel?

i don't know, the media is confusing. all I can tell is that the struggle isreal

Two polish Pilots are trying to land a plane

They approach the ground, but they really struggle with the runway. The plane nearly crashes, but they finally are able to land it.

Jesus, one pilot says. That was the shortest runway ever.

Yeah, and did you see how wide it was?

Why do atheists struggle with exponents?

They don't believe in a higher power.

A lot of guys struggle to add muscle

Take my cousin, for example. He has a very strict diet and always sticks to his regimen. He never skips a day. The dude is still a skeleton, basically. Some people just struggle to add weight. Granted, his regimen mostly includes heroin, but still.

I don't understand how so many people struggle to find basic words in the dictionary.

I had no less than 5 people tell me that "gullible" is not in the dictionary. The smug assholes just laughed when I proved their dumb asses wrong.

TIL In 1836 a San Antonio pie maker fought with Mexican dairy farmers who tried to serve their pie with a newly developed frozen dairy product. While the pie maker ultimately lost, their valiant struggle is brought to mind any time people declare,

"Remember the Γ  la mode"

The workout

A triathlete walks into a bar to replenish some carbs after a hard workout and orders a beer. "I just got done doing a 10-mile open water swim," he brags to the bartender. "Ten miles, huh? That's impressive," the bartender replies. "I'd struggle to do that much on a bike." "Yeah, well bikes aren't that good in water," the athlete says.

Why did Christ struggle the the crossword

He was stuck on 2 across

I used to be young and broke

And then after many long years of hard work and struggle, I'm no longer young!

I struggle with Roman Numerals until I get to 159.

Then it just CLIX

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