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You can't fight Destiny, because if you try

Then you will have to fight the bouncers and the rest of the strippers too.

Can you Imagine?

Can you imagine stuffing pictures of your grandmother in a strippers G string?

Imagine you are Prince Harry

Why are Native Americans the most successfull strippers?

Because when they dance, they make it rain.

Strippers joke, Why are Native Americans the most successfull strippers?

Did you know that Native Americans were really good strippers?

Every time they danced, they made it rain.

MΓΆbius strippers...

never show their backside.

my mom took me to "bring your kids to work day" when I was younger-

the day went all right, but I just dont think the other strippers liked me.

How are babies and strippers alike?

They're fun to play with but I wouldn't want to take one home

Strippers joke, How are babies and strippers alike?

How are strippers like giants?

they both grind bones to make bread.

A surveyor went to a gentlemans club

He gathered all the strippers and declared, "I'd like to take a poll."

What do giants and strippers have in common?

They both grind on bones to make their bread.

Where do strippers go on holiday ?


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Whats the difference between the government and a stripper?

Strippers don't rig their polls.

Health insurance is rare for exotic dancers.

Most strippers have little or no coverage.

A comma is the difference between

"Yesterday, I met the strippers, Donald Trump, and Hillary Clinton."


"Yesterday, I met the strippers, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton."

Why is eastern europe filled with strippers?

Because they like Poles.

Why do strippers look better in the club than outside the club?

Black lights matter.

Strippers joke, Why do strippers look better in the club than outside the club?

The funny thing about strippers and fires...

The people that are going to show up are the other most experienced people on a pole.

Strippers won't tell you their real names for privacy,

But they'll show you their buttholes for $5

What do strippers and Hillary Clinton have in common?

They rely too much on polls

School is like a dystopia

You aren't allowed to think outside the box, you don't have the freedom of speech, and you can't gamble or have strippers come to your lunch room.

Cat's Bellies are like strippers.

They let you see the goods but they won't let you touch them.

I'm thinking about an app to let people rate strippers

I want to name it "Strip Advisor"

Apparently the army is actively recruiting strippers.

They are experts on setting up booby traps.

Strippers in Houston must be doing great.

Because they're making it rain.

Why are native Americans such good strippers?

Every time they dance they make it rain.

42% of strippers are working their way through college

According to the latest pole

What is in a Nanaimo Bar?

Hells Angels, cocaine & strippers

You can't fight destiny

Well you can, but then you're going to have to fight the bouncers and probably all the other strippers too.

When I was single, I used to line up a bunch of strippers

And. Um... uh.

Sorry, I lost my train of thot.

My friend said he didn't want anyone to hire strippers for his Bachelor Party

So I'm getting ones who will do it just for the exposure.

Prince Harry's bachelor party had to be pretty awkward.

He was putting pictures of his grandma in a strippers G string.

I'm making it hail!

Said the man throwing coins at the strippers

So went to a strip club that only had strippers who were vegan

It was disappointing The strippers didn't even dance they just licked the pole to get their daily dose of iron.

What's the difference between strippers and onions?

I cry when I cut up onions

It doesn't matter how badly you want to, you just can't fight Destiny...

Because then you'd have to fight the bouncers and the other strippers too.

What do you call strippers in a wooden horse?

Trojan Whores

What did strippers and cats have in common?

Theyll both sit on your lap if you entice them and dont like when you touch them

Good strippers need either cunning stunts..

Or stunning....

What do you call a group of strippers?

A *whore*de

What are strippers doing during quarantine?

Twerking from home.

Why are strippers and Hitler similar?

They both like to keep a firm grip on the Poles.

What do strippers and presidential candidates have in common?

They both go up and down polls

Strippers don't have air conditioning in their homes.


What's common between strippers and giants?

They both grind men's bones to make bread

Strippers don't have air conditioning in their homes


I've made up my mind. I'm choosing a career path as an electrician.

I just found out they get to work with dikes and strippers.

Strippers don't use air conditioners...

Only fans

I'm planning on starting a strip club....

... in Poland. It will be called Pole Land.

I will hire people from ex law enforcement as strippers.

The slogan for the club will be: "Welcome to Pole Land, in Poland: Where Polish police polish your pole".

The slogan did pretty well in market research polls.

Why are strippers such good politicians?

'Cause they're good on the polls.

What do giants and strippers both have in common?

They both grind men's bones to make their bread.

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