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42% of strippers are working their way through college

According to the latest pole

I bought my wife a stripper pole for our anniversary and installed it in our bedroom.

Whenever I ask her if she likes it, she just dances around the subject.

I'm planning on starting a strip club....

... in Poland. It will be called Pole Land.

I will hire people from ex law enforcement as strippers.

The slogan for the club will be: "Welcome to Pole Land, in Poland: Where Polish police polish your pole".

The slogan did pretty well in market research polls.

What do you call a stripper with a spear?

A pole lancer

Can you work a pole?

So the other night my friends and I are having a few drinks and our one female friend is an ex-stripper, so we got into the topic of dancing and she looked at me and said yeah, can you work a pole xschlots? And for some reason the first comment that comes out is I mean yeah my family's mostly German. Working poles was our thing I have never heard a more deafening silence followed by laughter

Why are strippers and Hitler similar?

They both like to keep a firm grip on the Poles.

Why is eastern europe filled with strippers?

Because they like Poles.

I got it all figured out. I will be a male stripper in Antarctica

My stage name? South Pole.

The funny thing about strippers and fires...

The people that are going to show up are the other most experienced people on a pole.

What do you get when you cross a stripper with an anti-vaxxer?


So went to a strip club that only had strippers who were vegan

It was disappointing The strippers didn't even dance they just licked the pole to get their daily dose of iron.

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Where does Santa's stripper mom work?

The North Pole

Where do animals become strippers?

The north pole.

I smacked into a pole the other day.

Turns out my car is fine, but the stripper died.

Hitler was a stripper.

He worked the Poles.

I walked up to a stripper.

I said, "How much for a dance?"

She said, "Depends what you want..."

"I just want to grind on the pole for a bit," I added.

Why did a Stripper run for mayor?

Because she did great on the pole

Did you hear about those sisters who are strippers,

They're poles apart.

What do you call a stripper from Warsaw?

A Pole dancer

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