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  1. String Fight My ex used to hit me with stringed instruments. If only I had known about her history of violin.
  2. TIL a modern artist created a stringed instrument out of a tree branch that was only to be played in the event of the government being overthrown. It was a coup-stick.
  3. What did the guitar at the music store say to the customer browsing through their selection of stringed instruments? "Pick Me!! Pick Me!!!!!"
  4. People were astounded to find a stringed instrument hidden within the dry well but it was merely more evidence of the violins inherent in the cistern.
  5. My neighbors called the cops on me, but when the police came to my house all they found was my collection of string instruments. I got charged with domestic violins.
  6. I've always wondered why rolf Harris never played any string instruments But I guess he figured out other ways to finger a minor
  7. I'm planning on opening a store that sells string instruments for children. I'm calling it 'Kiddie Fiddlers'.
  8. I recently came out to my family, I told them I wasn't on the outside who I was on the inside. I told them I wasn't a boy but a medieval stringed instrument. They called me a lyre.

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  1. What's angry, fluffy and destructive and gathers inside stringed instruments? Violint
  2. I destroy every string instrument I find... As a part of my vow of non-violins.
  3. Skrillex used to play string instruments in the orchestra, until he dropped the bass.
  4. A mandolin... a shoe-string instrument.
  5. What's the stringed instrument's favorite movie quote? "Cello, Clarice..."
  6. My ex used to hit me with stringed instruments. **She had a history of violins.**

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