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A cargo ship sank in the ocean. The cargo, Idaho potatoes and rubber penises, floated in the vicinity.

The Coast Guard had received a distress call, but a chopper arrived to find no ship in the water. Seeing the cargo strewn about on the water, they decided to send a diver down to look for the ship.

"I already know what kind of ship to look for," the diver told the chopper pilot.

"How could you possibly know what kind of ship it was?" replied the pilot.

"It was a dictatorship."


Sherlock Holmes and Watson find themselves at a scene of utter carnage...

As Holmes, who had a nose for danger, quietly fingered the bloody knife and eyed the various body parts strewn along the dark, deserted highway, he placed his ear to the ground and, with his heart in his throat, silently mouthed to his companion, Arm yourself Watson, there's an evil hand afoot ahead."



After seeing all of his tubes of toothpaste lying strewn on the floor of his office, the dentist was full of emotion.

He was truly Crestfallen.


Blonde, Brunette and Redhead go into the office...

the office is a mess chairs overturned, clothes strewn about and an empty condom wrapper on the floor. the Brunette pulls up a chair, looks at the seat and says, "OMG, that looks like a cum stain." The Redhead leans over, gives the seat a sniff and says, "OMG, that SMELLS like a cum stain." The blonde reaches down, smears it around and tastes her finger; shaking her head she says, "'s nobody that works here."


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