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  1. I'm a kleptomaniac with a proclivity for stealing strategy board games. I like to take risks.
  2. I was seriously considering stealing a military strategy board game from the store yesterday... ...but i didnt. Im not much of a Risk taker.
  3. What's it called when you beat your eastern European friend at strategy board games. Czech Mate
  4. Why are programmers so good at poetry? Well, all words rhyme in binary.
  5. You know what they call the strategy involving freshmints while playing a game of timed tic tac toe? The tic tac tick tick tic tac toe tactic
  6. Trump's battle against ISIS is the grand strategy equivalent of a Patriots-Cowboys game. A lot of people you talk to somehow want both to lose.
  7. Why dotn SJWs play strategy games ? Because strategy games have tendency for Triggered Events.

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Strategy Game One Liners

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  1. What do you call a rain of strategy games? A Tropico storm
  2. I love strategy games They are fan-tactic
  3. What is Ironman's favorite real time strategy game? Stark Craft

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I've invented a new game. You use small breath mints as playing pieces in the old-fashioned match-3-in-a-row game. I'd be happy to teach you my strategy for winning this game, but I'll have to charge you a small fee:

Call it a Tic Tac Tic-Tac-Toe Tactics Tax.