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I killed the Boston Strangler and took his jewelry stash

Thanks for the gold kind strangler!

When I met the Boston Strangler...

I got all chocked up

There was a man who loved to strangle people for money.

He was offering people a fair price in gold for them to be strangled by his mighty hands, and as a request, he asked his customers to write a review of his work. And all the reviews said:

Thanks for the gold, kind strangler!

Did you hear about the beautiful strangler?

He was breathtaking.

a small amount of cred to another post i read on this sub today.

Ted Bundy gave me a 24 karat ring...

Thanks for the gold, kind strangler!

How do you tell a stranger from a strangler?

I don't know, but there's an L of a difference.

What should you never say to a neurotic strangler?

Get a grip, pal!

Whom did the Boston Strangler choke last?

The Atlanta Falcons.

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