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A new strain of head lice has been discovered which is resistant to conventional treatments.

That has left scientists scratching their heads.

There's a new COVID-19 strain that's causing people to gain massive amounts of weight.

The om-nom-nom-icron variant.

Why shouldn't you yell into a colinder?

You'll strain your voice.

(credits go to u/trewpowor)

Strain joke, Why shouldn't you yell into a colinder?

You can use a colander to look at the eclipse

But be careful you don't strain your eyes

Why should you never yell into a colander?

You don't want to strain your voice.

Don't scream into a colander.

It'll strain your voice.

Never yell into a colander

It'll strain your voice

Strain joke, Never yell into a colander

Have you hear about the new Canadian strain of Covid-19?

Most people infected are eh symptomatic.

A genetic botanist doesn't show up to the church picnic.

Her concerned husband finds her in her lab working feverishly on a new pesticide resistant strain of maize.

"Aren't you coming to the congregation picnic?". He asks.

"Screw them and their impossible deadlines! They told me I have until today to get the corn bred!"

Instead of yelling at my family I used to yell into a colander

All it did was strain my voice

William Shakespeare once said "Better Three Hours Too Soon Than a Minute Too Late"

My wife disagrees.

It's really put a strain on our sex life.

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I tried to eat soup with a fork.

It was a strain.

A new strain of head lice is going around, which is resistant to all conventional treatments.

This has left scientists scratching their heads.

What's the best weed strain?

Medusa, it always gets you stoned.

I imagine doing a massive shit is a lot like giving birth;

You push and strain really hard, feel happy when it finally comes out, and then there's no greater pleasure then admiring and holding it for the first very first time.

Why do scuba divers dive backwards?

Cause if they dived forward they would fell on the boat.

Real reason so that the eye and nose masks don't get filled with water on the impact straightforward and the oxygen tanks are heavy and it would exert less strain on the back. A prudent way.

Throwback Thursday Joke
Edited few grammar mistakes.

Strain joke, Why do scuba divers dive backwards?

They've discovered a new strain of head lice, but they haven't found a cure yet

It's got scientists scratching their heads.

A man has been sleeping around and was worried he may have contracted AIDS. He goes to the doctor to get a check up. The doctor returns and says I have two good news for you

The man perplexed but hopeful asks: what's the first good news?

Doctor replies, you don't have AIDS!

The man relieved but now even more curious asks the doctor, then what's the other good news?

Doctor responds, we found a new strain of STD and they're going to name it after you!

Your mom is so ugly that. . . .

The entire world created a virulent strain of Coronavirus just so she'd wear a mask.

And she's so dumb, she thinks that masks aren't effective.

A New Strain Spreading Faster Than COVID

Scientists have discovered a powerful new strain of fact-resistant humans who are threatening the ability of Earth to sustain life, a sobering new study reports.

Scientists warn that a virulent strain of humans are virtually immune to any form of verifiable knowledge, leaving researchers at a loss as to how to combat them.

These humans appear to have all the faculties necessary to receive and process information, and yet, somehow, they have developed defenses that, for all intents and purposes, have rendered those faculties totally inactive."

What do you call it when someone suggests a strain of weed to you?

A reeference.

What do IT companies and cannabis dispensaries have in common?

They both regularly perform strain tests.

What does a virus need to do in order to reach more people?

It needs to strain itself.

The most potent strain of marijuana has just been released to the public

reports say consumption has reached an all-time high

Did you hear about the new strain of bird flu?

Chirpees... a canarial disease... un-tweetable.

Did you hear about the new strain of marijuana so potent you won't even be able to stand on your own two feet?

They call it tumbleweed

TIL about GMO Corn

Scientists have been working on developing drought resistant corn that will be a better crop for regions that do not get as much rain. They have developed a strain of corn that has stoma on the underside of the leaves that are stiffer.
It is hard pore corn.

I once...

I once strained a can of pineapple juice into the sink thinking it was pineapple chunks.

Outbreak - New Strain of Bird Flu Discovered!!!

It's called Chirpies.
It's a Canarial Disease.
It's Untweetable.

I happen to know a girl who has been with several dudes during the quarantine.

She has a serious case of HOEVID-19, a new strain of Whorona Virus.

Germany is said to be breaking under the strain of polish immigrants

Well there's an unexpected headline: Poland invades Germany

LPT: When the next solar eclipse rolls around, you can use a colander to view the eclipse.

Just be sure you don't strain your eyes.

Why should you always buy weed at schools for the blind?

Better strain at lower prices, they have chronic blindness.

Master, why do you stretch when masturbating?

My Student, that way the strain feels like real sex.

Master, I think that's why I won't do that.

Have you heard about the underperforming strain of alfalfa that folks in Sonoma have been growing?

Grocery stores are calling them Baybeta sprouts .

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