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My physics teacher asked me if I understood the chapter on linear motion.

I said "yeah it's pretty straightforward"

A man was protesting against gay rights...

His reasoning was very straight-forward.

Prostate examination [NSFW]

A guy goes into the medical center for a checkup. The nurse asks him if he's ever had a prostate exam before, and reassures him it's very straightforward and not to worry. Just go through into the next room, and the doctor will be with you shortly.
So he goes into the room and starts undressing. It's only a minute before the Doctor comes in and tells him to drop his trousers. Asked where to put his pants, Doctor says "right here next to mine."

Straightforward joke, Prostate examination [NSFW]

I've always wanted to be a train driver.

It seems pretty straightforward.

Why do scuba divers dive backwards?

Cause if they dived forward they would fell on the boat.

Real reason so that the eye and nose masks don't get filled with water on the impact straightforward and the oxygen tanks are heavy and it would exert less strain on the back. A prudent way.

Throwback Thursday Joke
Edited few grammar mistakes.

Do you know what does the straightforward weed say as a premise to everything?

"I'll be blunt".

New US dollar announced today...

They've decided to change the motto. After much pressure from atheist groups, they're removing 'In God We Trust' and going back to Latin. However, 'E Pluribus Unum' sounds too foreign and reeks of socialism, so they're going with a more simple and straightforward 'Carpe Vulva'.

The runner up was 'Oh God It's Trump'

Straightforward joke, New US dollar announced today...

Anyone can drive on a highway

It's straightforward

What did the pencil say when it's trying to be straightforward?

2B honest

Did you hear the joke about the circle?

Nevermind. The punchline wasn't straightforward anyways.

People have become so mean, ruthless and straightforward these days I tell you,

There is an eye clinic in my colony named "Asif Eye Care"

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I wrote a paper on Roman roads.

It's pretty straightforward.

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