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Top 10 of the Funniest Straight Jacket Jokes and Puns

My girlfriend found lipstick in my jacket pocket. I told her straight up I was cheating.

There's no way that I was going to confess that I sell Avon

How do you restrain a straight person?

Give them a straight jacket.

How do you restrain a trans person?

Make the trans' vest tight.

What do you wear when it's raining homophobia?

A straight jacket.

What do you think of wearing a straight jacket?

I think I could pull it off

A Mothers Secret

A mom was teaching her 4 year old son to zip up his jacket.

The secret, she explained, is getting the little straight piece all the way into the little slot before you pull up the zipper.

Her son looked up at her and said, Mom, why does that have to be a secret?

Why did the insane asylum stop accepting homosexual patients?

They only had straight jackets.

I asked for soundproof walls

my mom also got me a straight jacket

Why was a social justice warrior being held in solitude confinement in a mental institute?

She attacked the guards when they tried to force her into a straight white male jacket.

What do you call a runner in a straight jacket?

Insane Bolt

Some people think LGBT is a mental illness.

So, it makes sense that they're called straight jackets.

When Chuck Norris is put in a straight jacket to be contained, he doesn't go insane, the jacket does.

NOBODY tries to contain Chuck Norris.

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