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A man was protesting against gay rights...

His reasoning was very straight-forward.

Ever driven a car with no steering wheel?

It's pretty straight forward.

I like linear algebra

It's straight forward

I'm thinking about getting into drag racing...

It looks pretty straight forward.

What do you call a husband and wife going for a walk?

Straight forward

I don't know what people don't get about drag racing.

It's very straight forward.

Just give me a straight forward answer

Should I pronounce it Ee-ither or eye-ther?

Just finished my classes on becoming a Train Conductor

For the most part it's straight forward.

A guy is going to loose his virginity that night

He asks his friend for help and "directions". His friends says, it's pretty straight forward, just go for the bush. The next day, his friend asks how it went, and he says: It was okay, but I think I dislocated her shoulder.

What do you call a woman that's too straight forward?

Emily Blunt

I hate people who aren't straight....


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At first I thought drag racing games would be difficult..

Turns out, they're pretty straight forward.

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