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  1. Why are storm troopers so clingy? Cause no matter where you're at they'll always miss you.
  2. I think Chris Brown should be a storm trooper in the next Star Wars. Maybe he can actually hit somebody.
  3. Why did the storm trooper return his iPhone? Because it wasn't the droid he was looking for!
  4. What's the difference between a Stormtrooper and a Zoo Keeper? The Storm Trooper would have missed harambe
  5. What do Storm Troopers and Bone Thugs N Harmony have in common? They are both going to miss every body.
  6. Why do photographers never dress as Storm troopers? Because they actually want to get a good shot.
  7. What happens in a battle between storm troopers and red shirts? (Star Trek) The storm troopers all miss, and the red shirts all die
  8. When a storm trooper wants to avoid conflict, he travels like electric current... Down the path of least resistance.
  9. I'm planning to name my project team - Storm Troopers We always keep missing the target... (yea, original, yea,qualifies as a dad joke)
  10. Whats the similarity between a storm trooper and a baseball coach? Both can fire, neither can hit.

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  1. A depressed Storm Trooper goes to the bar for some jager shots. He goes home sober.
  2. Why do Storm Troopers like churchs? Cuz of all the pews.
    I hate myself
  3. Sometimes I wish storm troopers were chasing me. Then someone would miss me
  4. Storm troopers makes great drivers! They never hit anything!
  5. So why can't Storm Troopers get a date? They keep missing all the signs...
  6. What do you call a zombie Storm Trooper? An Imperial Walker
  7. I should marry a storm trooper. They will always miss me.
  8. What's a storm trooper's favorite date? March 4th
  9. Why are storm troopers so easy for Jedi to manipulate? They are all jar-jarheads
  10. What is the safest place in the galaxy? In the direct line of fire of a Storm Trooper.
  11. Why was the storm trooper such a good dad? He could never hit his kids.
  12. What rock band was popular among storm-troopers? Panic! AT-AT the disco
  13. A droid, a ressistance fighter and a storm trooper walk/role into a bar.
  14. A storm trooper has only one rule Whatever you do, don't hit the target
  15. What don't Storm Troopers have any kids? Because they always miss the target.

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What did the Storm Trooper say when he f**... in church?

"Pew, pew."

Why is the Storm Trooper a v**...?

... Because he couldn't hit it.

Why do storm trooper bathrooms always have puddles?

They always miss!

Why did the Storm Troopers let the Jedi pass?

Because they were 'Forced' to.

what do u get when u cross a reptile with a storm trooper

"a punch line"

What's a storm trooper's favorite pollster?

Pew! Pew! Pew!

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