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If storks deliver white babies and blackbirds deliver black babies, what bird delivers no babies?


Storks bring babies, but do you know what type of birds prevent babies?


Do storks deliver babies?

An OB/GYN walks into a bar and orders a beer. "So do all those storks delivering babies cut into your business?" the bartender jokes. "That, of course, is a complete myth," the stuffy OB/GYN huffs. "The only thing storks and obstetricians have in common is a large bill."

Storks joke, Do storks deliver babies?

you might think babies are delivered by storks

but fat babies require cranes

If storks bring human babies, what brings giant babies?


If Storks represents birth. Which bird represents birthcontrol?


Jake wanted a brother

Jake had been asking his father for a brother the whole morning. His dad got annoyed so he gave little Jake some seeds.

"Just put these by the window, it attracts the storks!"

A few months later the neigbors had a baby delivered. Little Jake went to the newfound father and said:

"Just so you know, that wasn't because of your seed, it was because of my dad's seed!"

Storks joke, Jake wanted a brother

Whats it called when storks deliver the wrong baby?

Male fraud

If storks bring babies, what kind of bird doesn't bring any babies?

A swollow.

If one stork brings one baby and two storks brings two babies, what bird brings no babies?

Two swallows.

I've always been corny...

When I was born, there were three storks. One to deliver me and two to fend off the crows.

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