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Top 10 Funniest Storey Jokes and Puns

Floor 13 may be haunted, but floor 666... a whole different storey.

What is the difference between falling from 10 storey building and 1 storey house?

10 storey building: "AAAAAAAAAAA" *BAM*


Why did the social awkward man never go to the second storey of his house ?

He couldn't handle the stairs.

God: Noah, it's time to build another boat.

Noah: Oh, so soon! But hey, you are the boss. So the same, animals, two by two?

God: Actually no. We forgot the fish last time so this time this will be just for the fish.

God (again): Also, build it with more than one deck.

Noah: Big boat, only fish and several levels. Got it boss!

God: And another thing. Not just any fish. I want only Carp on the new boat.

Noah: So, let me get this right God.

You want a "Multi Storey
Carp Ark!"....

The library in our town had thousands and thousands of books

But even then everyone referred to it as the two storey building.

What's the difference between someone who falls off of the 12th storey, and one who does off of the 2nd?

The first one goes "AAAAHHHHHHHH" and then goes 'Blam!'

The other one goes 'Blam!' and then goes "AAARRGGGHHHHHHH"

A scientist drops a pig and a flashlight from a 20 storey building

He watches as both hit the ground at the same time.
With this he concluded pigs move at the speed of light.

I was disappointed that there's nowhere to get lost in my two storey apartment.

There isn't a maisonette.

What do you call a multi storey morgue


I clean all the bathrooms in a 25 storey building.

I was always told to start at the bottom and work my way up.

How do you make a cat flap?

Throw it out a third storey window

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I work on a construction site, and we're building a new apartment block. The ground floor has turned out pretty good.

But the first floor? That's a whole other storey.

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