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What do you call a bunch of Mexican Stoners?

Baked Beans.

What do you call a boy-band composed of stoners?

No Direction.

I heard on the news

Stoners took over a town
This was a high coup

Stoners joke, I heard on the news

What do stoners and Sonny Bono have in common?

They both hit the trees hard.

What do cows that are stoners say?

420 graze it

Where do stoners keep their money?

In a joint account

What's a stoners favorite marker?

A Highlighter

Stoners joke, What's a stoners favorite marker?

What do prime numbers and stoners have in common?

The higher they are, the more spaced out they get

All the Geology majors at my university smoke a lot weed.

I guess you could say that they're all a bunch of stoners.

Driving high versus driving drunk: Drunks run stop signs.

Stoners stop and wait for them to turn green.

What do French stoners smoke?


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What do stoners say when they're leaving a party?

Lets blow this joint.

What do stoners and bacteria have in common?

Neither are considered intelligent life forms.

A new book for stoners aspiring to greatness

7 Habits of Effectively High People

What do stoners ride to school?

The cannibus

Why do stoners love English?

Because it's lit

Stoners joke, Why do stoners love English?

Why do sharks like stoners?

Because they're baked snacks.

An old man walks up to a couple of stoners smoking a joint, and says,

Don't you know that smoking weed makes you ignorant and apathetic?

One of the potheads turns to him and replies, I don't know, and I don't care.

Why are so many Jews stoners?

It seems they still have a habit of being baked.

What do you call two stoners sharing a joint over dessert?

Joint custardy

Why do stoners spend so much money?

because they're high rollers

What happened to the marijuana when the stoners divorced?

They got joint custody

What's a stoners favorite word?

Here! (Must be said like you are holding a hit in)

Why do stoners make lousy poker players?

Because they keep smoking the pot.

What do millennial stoners play during recess?

Hash Tag.

How do stoners propose to one another?

Marriage, you wanna?

Why are stoners and prime numbers so similar?

The higher they are, the more spaced out they become

What's a stoners favorite dessert?

Baked goods

Why do stoners love the Pope?

He sell a bit.

I just joined a gym for real serious stoners.

*24 Hour Litness*

How many stoners does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

None, it's already LIT!

-What do you call a stoner who recently broke up with his girlfriend?


Jay and Silent Bob is only funny to non stoners.....

Jay and Silent Bob is only funny to non stoners..... Because everything is funny to real stoners.

What do Muslims and stoners have in common?

They both get stoned after smoking weed.

What is the first thing stoners do after getting married?

Roll their money into joint accounts.

Stoners everywhere are uniting to push for legalization of marijuana

It is a joint effort

Why are stoners such good mountain climbers?

because they're used to being high

What is the name of a medieval castle for stoners?

Fort Wenty

What religion is for stoners?


The US Military today confirmed that two marijuana users were killed when an aircraft crashed into a house shortly after takeoff.

Experts are saying it's the first recorded instance of killing two stoners with one bird.

How come you never see stoners jog?

It's hard on their joints.

Two stoners are talking about religion, "Dude. Did you know that like, uh, God, he has a name?" The other replies, "Really dude? No way!"

The first answers, "Yahweh!"

I just watched a TV show where a bunch of stoners are sitting around having mild arguments.

It's a mellow drama.

What is a stoners favorite computer software?


Why do stoners like bells so much?


What does a stoners mouth and shirt have in common?

They are both 100% cotton

What do stoners and arthritis have in common??

They both inflame joints.

What's it called when a bunch of stoners start working together?

A joint collaboration

I lived with stoners in college and suffered terrible side effects...

For years afterward, I thought I was funny.

Where is a stoners favorite place to sit in a resturaunt

In the high chair

What days do Canadian stoners like the best?

I'm pretty sure they're all fried, eh?

What do you call a bunch of stoners in a well

A pot hole

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