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What did the stomach say to the burp?

If you're real quiet I'll let you out the back door.

What do a stomach pump and an exorcist have in common?

They're both used to remove unwanted spirits from a body.

"Why your stomach is so big"..."I had a baby"

... for lunch.

Stoma joke, "Why your stomach is so big"..."I had a baby"

I was having stomach problems the other day so I went to the doctor for my diarrhea.

He gave me a blind fold and told me to wait 20 and that I would be fine and it worked.

Now I have gonorrhea

TIL about GMO Corn

Scientists have been working on developing drought resistant corn that will be a better crop for regions that do not get as much rain. They have developed a strain of corn that has stoma on the underside of the leaves that are stiffer.
It is hard pore corn.

Everyone has a second stomach for alcohol

It's called the liver

I had a stomach ache...

My SO asked what's wrong,
I said "I have a clog in my intestines"
she responds with "you need to stop eating shoes"

Stoma joke, I had a stomach ache...

My stomach hasn't felt well all day, I'm like a bartender during an earthquake...

I'm having trouble controlling my stools.

My stomach must be searching the internet...

It's Googling.

I'm 41, but I have a stomach of a 20 year-old.

Everything triggers it.

I'd been having some stomach issues, so I went to the GI

He said I should keep a bathroom journal, but I prefer to call it a log book.

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My stomach is flat.

The L is silent. ..

How'd the stomach know the food went bad

It was a a gut feeling

How do you get your stomach pumped?

Swallow a speaker playing "Remember the Name"

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