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Did you hear about the German that couldn't eat his Christmas cake?

It was stollen

Why did the German Christmas cake disappear?

Because it was stollen.

Why did the German baker call the police?

Everything in his bakery was stollen

Stollen joke, Why did the German baker call the police?

I love animals. Yesterday I saw a baby bird that had fallen from its nest up in the tree.

I wanted to get the bird back up in the nest so it can be safe. It only took me three throws.

- Stollen from Norm's new show.

Did you hear the one about the German who couldn't find his fruit cake?

It was Stollen.

Has anyone seen my marzipan cake?

I think it was stollen.

What happened to the German cake?!

I think it was Stollen...

Stollen joke, What happened to the German cake?!

What do you call bread that isn't yours?


(It's old I know, but still good)

Did you hear about the big German bakery heist of 1988?

Everything was stollen

Why didn't Santa get any mince pies on Christmas?

Because it was stollen.

Police are reporting that they have just located a truck of stollen goods

Though they are not hopeful that anyone will come forward to claim the German fruitcake.

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What do you call cake that isn't yours?


One of the cakes is missing from my German cake stall...

... I'm worried that it was stollen.

What did the guy who burglarized the German bakers store at Christmas find out.

All of his cookies were Stollen.

Our local police are flying a drone above our Christmas market.

I think they're looking for Stollen goods.

I took a fruitcake to germany

It was stollen

Stollen joke, I took a fruitcake to germany

I'm so disappointed. I bought dessert for a traditional German Christmas dinner.

But it was stollen.

The germans really need to tighten-up on their cake security

at this time of year a heck of a lot of it is stollen.

Why didn't the Germans have any cakes at Christmas

Because they were all stollen

Why was Christmas ruined for the Germans?

All their cakes were stollen

Why did the teacher leave her husband and run away with the cake salesman?

Because he had stollen her heart.

A German bakers was robbed...

Apparently everything was stollen.

Why did the German baker claim on his insurance at Christmas?

Because his bread was stollen!!!

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