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At first I thought my therapy for Stockholm syndrome was useless

But now I kind of like it.

Last night I watched a documentary about Stockholm syndrome...

I didn't like it at first, but by the end I thought it was great.

I need a volunteer to test Stockholm syndrome.

Any takers?

Stockholm joke, I need a volunteer to test Stockholm syndrome.

I read a book about Stockholm Syndrome.

At first I hated it, but by the end I loved it.

I've just read a book about Stockholm Syndrome.

The first couple of chapters were awful, but by the end I loved it

On their first date, a woman asks a man if he believes in true love...

He replies, "No. But I do believe in Stockholm Syndrome."

I read a book about stockholm syndrome...

I hated it at first, but it was great after a while.

Stockholm joke, I read a book about stockholm syndrome...

What do you call a display of Australian patriotism?

Stockholm Syndrome.

What do you call a wolf with Stockholm Syndrome?

A Dog.

Just finished reading a book about Stockholm syndrome.

It was pretty bad at the start but by the end I liked it.

My kidnapper says i have got Stockholm Syndrome

My kidnapper says i have got Stockholm Syndrome.
I don't know why he say would something like that.But i love him anyway.

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People in Sweden keep telling me how great it is living there...

But I think it's just Stockholm Syndrome.

I used to hate the Stockholm syndrome

After a while however, I realized that it wasn't too bad after all.

Here are some few movie jokes:

The Shining: A family's first Airbnb experience goes very wrong.

β€’ The Lord of the Rings: Group spends nine hours returning jewelry.

β€’ Titanic: Everyone tries the ice-bucket challenge.

β€’ Beauty and the Beast: Stockholm syndrome works.

β€’ The Chronicles of Narnia: Kid comes out of the closet.

Why was 6 afraid of 7?

Because 7 had long since succumbed to Stockholm syndrome and was actively engaging with their captors.

Breaking news

This morning saw what will probably become the worst air disaster in the Midwest. An ultralight single-seater plane crashed into a cemetery in Stockholm, Wisconsin. So far, the search and rescue teams have recovered 1736 bodies and as the digging continues into the night, we can only expect that number to climb.

Stockholm joke, Breaking news

What do you call it when a child develops a crush on their babysitter?

Stockholm syndrome.

I visited Stockholm

At first the place depressed me and I wanted to leave. Now, I love the place so much and want to stay forever.

I just got fired from my job at IKEA

My manager caught me taking some of the Stockholm

Bob Dylan finally received his Nobel Prize at a hotel in Stockholm...

It was a dynamite affair.

Just read a book about Stockholm syndrome

It started off badly, but by the end I really liked it.

Just finished a book about the Stockholm Syndrome

I did not like it to start with but ended up really liking it

I've been living in Sweden for a long time and it's been quite comfortable…

…but then it might just be Stockholm syndrome.

How was your trip to Stockholm?


How does Bill become Law?

Stockholm Syndrome......

What do you call it when you begin to like school?

Stockholm Syndrome.

I read a book about Stockholm syndrom...

It was bad at first, but then I liked it

I believe I have the Stockholm Syndrome condition

Finally started liking my wife after 7 years.

When i first heard what Stockholm Syndrome was i didn't like it

but then it started to grow on me

I recently read a book about Stockholm Syndrome

It was terrible at first, but I liked it by the end.

I was reading a book about Stockholm Syndrome the other day.

It was really bad to begin with, but by the end I quite liked it.

I took a trip to Stockholm and really didn't like it.

After a few days though, it really grew on me.

I just finished reading a book on Stockholm syndrome

I didn't care for it much at first, but after a while i could 't put it down.

Why do Swedish people love their country?

Because they have Stockholm syndrome

I went to prison in Stockholm.

I fell in love with the place and just couldn't leave.

I just read a book about Stockholm Syndrome...

It was pretty bad at first, but by the end I kinda liked it.

Before 2020 we had the Stockholm syndrome...

Now we're all afflicted with the Stuckhome syndrome.

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