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A carpenter, a tailor, a sailor, a priest and an economist were stranded on a desert island.

"I could chop down the trees and make a raft." Says the carpenter.
"I can stitch a few sheets into a mast."
Says the tailor.
"I can navigate the oceans with the help of the stars."
Says the sailor.
"I will pray for favourable winds and good luck."
Says the the priest.
All they needed now was to chop down a tree to make the raft.
"That's easy," says the economist. "Let's assume an axe."

I had a patient the other day who didn't want to let me stitch up his laceration. I said fine...

Suture self

Why do Germans believe in procrastinating?

Because a stitch in time saves nein.

Stitch joke, Why do Germans believe in procrastinating?

After the operation I say to the doctor...

"Look, I'm gonna try to save some money and stitch myself back up."
"Are you sure?" He says, "alright, suture self."

Rhianna is writing the soundtrack for the new Lilo and Stitch movie

It's about how Stitch develops a gambling problem


I want to make a Russian coffee table book based on sex positions using cross stitch images. I will call it...

The commie suture.

What do you get when your surgeon laughs right before surgery?

A stitch in your side...

Stitch joke, What do you get when your surgeon laughs right before surgery?

I tore the elbow of my shirt last week, but I was able to stitch it back together.

On the hole, it's held up surprisingly well.

A stitch in time...

keeps Daddy happy.

A tailor goes into a bank....

It was a stitch

7 tries to eat 9 but fails...

Because a stitch in time saves 9.

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Why did the mad scientist stitch the three left-wing politicians together?

He was trying to make a right-wing one.

A stitch in time...

Would confuse Einstein

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