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Why do Canadian cowboys have sticky feet?

Maple Stirrups.

A lady goes to a gynecologist for a routine exam

She gets into the gown and positions herself into the stirrups. When the doctor comes in, he tells her that the exam may be painful and asked if she would like to be numbed. Afraid of the pain, she replies, please. The doctor says okay, this will just take a minute . The doctor puts on his gloves, lifts up her gown, begins to put his head between her legs and goes numb numb numb numb...

A woman visits the gynaecologist for the first time...

Her legs are up in the stirrups and she looks very uncomfortable. The doctor says, "You look nervous. Would you like me to numb you down there before the exam?"

She looks relieved and says "Yes, please."

So, the doctor puts his head between her legs and goes num, num, num.

First time at the gynecologist

It's a girl's first time at the gynecologist. She's up in the
stirrups, and she's very nervous.

The gynecologist says, "You're scared, aren't you?"

She says, "Yes. It's my first time at the gynecologist."

He says, "Would you like me to numb you down there?"

She says, "Please."

He goes (sticking nose in her lap), "Num, num, num, num..."

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