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Why was the teaspoon arrested?

For causing such a stir!!

did you ever hear the one about the racist teaspoon?

it caused quite a stir

What do you call a hoe that you use to stir a fire.

An ash hoe.

Stir joke, What do you call a hoe that you use to stir a fire.

While cooking dinner this happened.

I was making stir fry and opened a bag of peas. One pea gets lose and rolls off the counter. It was like slow motion as I watched it hit floor and roll under the stove. I turned to my wife who also witnessed the incident and said: "We have an escape pea." a laugh

Why does asparagus make your pee smell so bad?

Next time I'm just going to stir it with a straw like everybody else

How do you stir the politics in a Coca Cola drink?

You add ices.

How to get rid of ants.

Go to Home Depot or Wall-mart and buy a can of black spray paint. Any brand works great.

Stir up each ant mound as you go and the area around them with a stick.
The ants will emerge by the hundreds to defend the mounds. Spray each mound and the surrounding area, making sure you get plenty of paint on the ants as well.

Once the ants realize they live in a black neighborhood, they quit working and start killing each other.

Stir joke, How to get rid of ants.

The Tea Survey

An Englishman, an Irishman and a Scotsman were taking part in a survey about tea-drinking habits.

'I always stir my tea with my left hand,' said The Englishman.

'I always stir my tea with my right hand,' said The Scotsman.

How about you?' the Irishman was asked.

'Oh me?' said the Irishman, 'I always use a spoon.'

The stir fry chef had to make a difficult decision.

He was between a wok and a hot plate.

How to deal with an anthill

Next time you have an anthill problem, here is what you do;

Grab yourself a can of black spray paint and cover the entire anthill in it. Then grab a stick or something of the sort and stir the paint in. Once all the ants realize they now live in a black neighborhood, they stop working and start shooting each other.

I cant find my large stir fry pan

It's like it just gets up and Woks away

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I'm the teacher of a culinary arts class.

Occasionally I'll tell my students to "Stir it every now and then, just to mix it up a little."

"Which hand do you use to stir your coffee?"

"My right?"

"How original, I use a spoon"

Did you hear about the troublesome teaspoon?

It went into the kitchen and caused a stir.

Protip: If you stir some coconut oil into your kale

It makes it easier to scrape into the trash

They Should Make A Star Wars Themed Cooking Competition.

They could call it Stir Wars.

Stir joke, They Should Make A Star Wars Themed Cooking Competition.

Why do Chinese people stir their tea clockwise while the Japanese stir it anticlockwise?

To dissolve the sugar.

(Courtesy of my dad)

My friend stirs soup with his left hand.

But I stir soup with a spoon.

Why would you use your right hand to stir your coffee?

I would use a spoon.

Coffee drinking trio

3 friends are bragging about their coffee drinking habits.

1st: I take it dark, thick and black. It's so strong, the spoon stands upright in my cup when I stir it.

2nd: big deal, at least you use a cup. I pour it directly from the kettle into my mouth.

3rd: yeah? We'll I don't even use a kettle. I chew the coffee beans, drink some water and just go sit on the stove for a while.

What do you say when a stirring utensil is doing something unsafe?

Hey that's whisky behavior

Have I told you about the time I met Steven Tyler and he taught me how to cook stir fry?

He told me to "wok this way."

What do the inhabitants of Endor use to cook their stir frys?

An Ewok

Using a cinnamon stick to stir your eggnog isn't a religious practice.

It's egg-nog-stick.

I just witnessed Elvis cooking stir fry...

First time I've ever seen a dead man wok-ing.


Stirlitz saw how two German soldiers pour a gasoline on a cat and set it on fire. Poor cat runs in agony and after few seconds fall on ground and dies. He ran out of fuel - Stirlitz said.

Did you hear about the soup chef that was admitted to the insane asylum?

He went stir crazy.

A man buys a mixer

A man bought a kitchen mixer on sale from the thrift shop, every time he used it, the batter would splatter, but it was too late by the time he realized it did nothing but stir up trouble...

Panda Express fired me for emailing around photos of bad stir fry...

I guess I should have labelled them Not Safe for Wok...

Stirlitz was hard at work

It was quite awkward for his female coworkers.

I was driving my wife to work this morning when she suddenly pushed my hand from the gear lever

"What are you doing?" I asked
"Well," she said, "I've kept quiet for too long and I'm sick of you not concentrating on your driving - you do the steering and I'll stir the petrol."

A foreign country's leader was cooking a small pot of prime ribs

While cooking, he stirred the pot. It was a prime mini stir

I heard the ladies really like a good stir fry.

You can tell by the way I use my wok, I'm a woman's man.

Married couple during hard financial times....

A man and his wife are having hard financial times and decide that the husband will pimp the wife out.

The man parks and waits while his wife goes around the corner to stir up business.

At the end of the night, the wife comes back to the car, and her husband asks how much she made.

"$100 and 50 cents," the wife says.

"That's great," replies the husband. "But who paid the 50 cents?"

"All of them."

I needed to buy a new pan to stir fry a large meal

I decided to go for a wok.

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