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Three Guys Are Getting Ready For Their Dates

The first guy pops a breath mint for his date so his breath smells good. Then the second guy starts chewing some gum so his breath smells good. Then the last guy starts eating onions and garlic. The others say "Don't you want to have nice smelling breath for your date?"
"Nah" he says, "The lips I'm kissing tonight already stink."

Why do the French stink?

So blind people can hate them too

Redneck husband and wife are smuggling a couple skunks across the border.

As they approach the border checkpoint the wife panics..."what do I do with these?!" she exclaims while frantically fumbling the skunks
"Quick now Mary Ann, hide them under your skirt!" said the red-neck husband in between his beer chug.
"Now, now whattabout the gadaym stink?!" says Mary Ann...
"If they die, they die hunnycakes"

Why do women wear make-up and perfume?

Because they're ugly and they stink

jokes about stink

I heard that drake insists on lavender scented condoms...

...So his farts don't stink

MY friends are like second-day socks...

They come through in a pinch, but they really stink sometimes.

Why do giraffes have long necks?

Because their feet stink.

Stink joke, Why do giraffes have long necks?

Politics is like masturbation

Whether you use the left or the right, you're going to get a similar result. It'll feel good fat first, but then it'll just stink and someone's going to have to clean it up.

I have the body of an 20 year old...

...but it's starting to stink up my basement so I'm thinking I'm gonna burn it.

When does a policeman stink the most?

When he's on doodie.

Why do most movie sequels stink?

Because movie makers are basically doing a number 2.

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What is the stinkiest number in Ireland?


Religions are like farts...

Everyone likes their own but thinks all the others stink.

"Silent farts that don't stink..."

An old woman visits the doctor for a routine check-up.

"Doctor, I have constant gas, but the farts are always silent and they don't stink!"

The doctor prescribes her some pills and sends her on her way.

Two weeks later she returns for a follow-up.

"Doctor, I still have constant silent farts, but now they stink!"

Doctor replies, "Alright, so we have cleared out those sinuses, now for your hearing..."

Why did the cop stink?

Because he fell asleep on duty.

What do fat girls do in the summertime?


Stink joke, What do fat girls do in the summertime?

A gale walks up to a kite...

and starts making fun of it, saying things like, "You call that flying? You stink!"
The kite says, "Are you winding me up?"

Which Game of Thrones character doesn't stink ?


He is Hodorless

Why does Piglet stink so bad?

Cause he always plays with Pooh.

Why do [Mexicans, Jews, Italians, Blacks, Asians, Samoans, Indians, Jews again, etc.] stink?

So blind people can hate 'em too

What do fat people do in the summer?


Why did the ghost stink?

Because it was covered in sheet

It really stinks when you bite into what you expect to be a hot dog but it's actually a sausage

That's the wurst

Why does plutonium stink?

Because it's chemical element symbol is Pu.

What is the difference between the pink and the stink?

The stink might have a higher upfront cost, but it ultimately pays off in the end.

I think I suffer from synesthesia...

I can't differentiate the pink from the stink.

Stink joke, I think I suffer from synesthesia...

Stinky smell in the car ...

-Sir.. how many horsepower is your car?
- 120 horses
- I am afraid that one of them is Dead.

Opinions are like butts

Everyone has one, and they all stink.

Why do cow farms stink?

They're full of dairy airs.

Why shouldn't you shortchange a skunk?

It's bound to make a stink.

Why do farts stink?

So deaf people can enjoy them

Why do cherry trees stink?

George Washington cut one.

Apparently I told this to my Catholic priest as a child..

What's the difference between your mom and a tire?

Not much, they both stink like rubber and leave skidmarks.

What do you call a dead stink bug?


I've never understood two in the pink one in the stink

Who has three arms?

What's the difference between ninja skunks and bees?

Ninja skunks will stink and kill ya, while bees will sting and kill ya.

An elderly lady goes to see the doctor about her flatulence.

Doctor, can you please help? I pass wind all the time. They don't smell, they don't make a sound, but I've farted three times already since coming in here.

The Doctor prescribes some tablets and asks the lady to return in a week.

Doctor, help! My gas has gotten worse! They still don't make a sound but now they stink, it's disgusting!

The Doctor replies, Good, we've fixed your sinuses, now let's work on your hearing.

Why does church stink?

Because of the "PEEE-EWWWS!"

Why did the Earth smell so bad after the meteor hit it?

Because afterwards the dinosaurs were all egg stink.

What's the deal with scented candles?

If they work, they stink. If they don't work, they still stink.

How many skunks does it take to stink up a house?

A phew!

I just goed poo po

And now mye bafroom stink

Having family spend time at your house and eating seafood are basically the same thing.....

Great at first but start to stink after a couple days

What's the stinkiest constellation?

The Big Ripper

Why do women wear makeup and purfume?

Because they're ugly and they stink!

Badumtiss I'm here all night folks

Being a Blacksmith must really stink...

Because whoever smelt it, dealt it.

Philosophy of a skunk

I stink, therefore I am

Nose jokes stink

But eye jokes are cornea

True story, my younger son called my older son "stupid"...

wife: "We don't call people the 's-word' in this house!"

me: "Yes. Don't call people 'stupid'. That's r€tarded."

wife: \*stink eye\*

son: \*helpless giggles despite determination not to laugh at anything Dad says\*

Why do farts stink?

So the deaf can enjoy them too.

What is the stinkiest body part?

The nose - it always smells.

What stinks and sounds like a bell?


Something stinks on my flight

I can't find it. I know I'm not the only one. Everybody around me has scrunched up faces. Someone hit the flight attendant button. The flight attendant notices quickly as well, and begins searching for the source. She starts ripping open the overhead storage bins, smelling each one cautiously. With a wretch, she grabs one case from above, yanks it to the ground and opens it to find a dead rabbit. The owner immediately jumps up and tells, "Hey, that's my carrion!"

Everyone tells me nose jokes stink...

but I think eye jokes are cornea

I got sprayed in the chest by a skunk so I had my tiny therapist wash my clothes for me.

My shrunk shrink stopped my shirt's skunk stink.

Brother's acting all high and mighty now that he has COVID

Thinks his shit don't stink

What caused the skunk to unload his scent?


("in stink" original joke from my seven year old).

An old lady goes to the doctor and says, "I have this problem with frequent gas.

Fortunately, the farts never smell and are always silent. As a matter of fact, I've farted at least 10 times since I've been here, and I bet you didn't even notice!" The doctor says, "I see. Take these pills and come back next week." The next week the old lady returns. "Doctor," she says, "I don't know what the hell you gave me, but now my silent farts stink like the dickens." The doctor says, "Good! Now that we've cleared up your sinuses, let's work on your hearing."

Me and the Devil

I was in church one Sunday when suddenly there was a flash of light, a puff of smoke, and the stench of sulphur. When the smoke cleared, there was the Devil standing in our midst. Everyone ran for the doors, but I just stayed in my seat.

The Devil said, "You know who I am, boy?"

"Yeah, i know you by your stink "

"Then why aren't you afraid of me?

I said, "Shit, i been married to you sister for 30 years."

Ageism joke

A son asks his father: How do women age?
The father answers:" Women age just like onions, son. They bloat with each year, until they start to stink like a spoiled, rotten, onion."
The wife hears and tells the son:" That's nothing! Men age like Christmas trees. First they loose the leafs, then the balls fall off."

Spending time with grandpa got me in trouble.

Well. Today was a nice day until it wasnt.

I got up early and went out to spend some time with my grandfather. I had the greatest idea ever actually! So anyway I stink at writing details so I will get to the point. I was making sand castles with my grandpa and got kicked out by everyone at the crematorium. Bummer.

Q. Why does this Star Trek uniform stink?

A. William Shatner

Only 40% of Americans say their farts stink. What do you call the other 60 %?


An old woman visits the doctor for a routine check-up.

"Doctor, I have constant gas, but the farts are always silent and they don't stink!"

The doctor prescribes her some pills and sends her on her way.

Two weeks later she returns for a follow-up.

"Doctor, I still have constant silent farts, but now they stink!"

Doctor replies, "Alright, so we have cleared out those sinuses, now for your hearing..."


A lady sees the doctor to complain about her flatulences. β€žDoctor, I have these huge flatulences. Although they don't smell they're bothering me. The doctor gives her some pills to swallow and asks her to show up next week. After a week the lady returns: β€žWhat pills did you give me? My farts stink like hell now! The doctor replies: β€žYou nose is okay now again, now we take care of your flatulences.

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