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Top 10 of the Funniest Sting Operation Jokes and Puns

The MI5 are watching every move I make and breath I take...

It seems it's a sting operation

A guy tried to sell me illegal bees to make free honey.

I said no because I knew it was a sting operation.

Steve and his mother were way behind on their car payments

The repo man had been after them for a while but hadn't successfully gotten the car yet. One day Steve had an idea for a "sting" operation to solve the problem once and for all. Before he left he shouted to his mom that he was taking the car, but she was in the bathroom and couldn't make out what he said.

"What are you taking?" she asked.

"Car, ma, for repo sting!"

I got hurt while performing a surgery on a bee.

It was a sting operation.

Did you guys hear about the guy that got killed when he tried to steal honey from a beehive?

I heard it was a sting operation

Why did the undercover cop throw a wasp nest at the drug dealer?

It was a sting operation.

How do the police raid a concert?

With a Sting operation!

Did you know the guy who sang 'Desert Rose' was arrested today?

I heard he got caught in a Sting operation

A Bee has recently died working for the CIA

It was in a sting operation

"The Police" frontman and bass player currently recovering from surgery

It was a Sting operation.

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