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Top 10 Funniest Stigma Jokes and Puns

Sexism is everywhere, even in botany

To this day, there is still a stigma attached to female plants

I don't know why there's such a stigma on masturbation.

I find that it really comes in handy.

Why is it so popular for plants to change sex?

Because they have less stigma to stamen.

I wanted to study about the reproductive organs of flowers

... until I learned there was a stigma attached

I was talking to my friend about the fact that there's a real stigma when I bring up masturbating in a conversation.

She said, "Don't worry man, you do you!"

As my eyesight gets worse my parents blame video games while my optometrist says it's due to the roundness of my eyeball. One way or the other, there is a stigma.

Muslims aren't that bad

You know that negative stigma muslims have?
They actually really aren't that bad.
I met one muslim lady on a train and I befriended her.
Shame the train blew up though.

Today I forcefully dusted the pollens of one flower on the stigma of another one nearby.

In other words, I helped two flowers get laid.

There's a huge stigma attached to me because I'm tall and handsome.

People instantly assume that I'm pompous.


*not* a good excuse for calling in sick to work, it turns out.

Today Donald trump Called Stormy Daniels a horse face and I find that highly offensive...

To horses everywhere who now have to deal with the stigma of now being compared to stormy daniels.

Did you know that the reason Subway no longer serve mushrooms is because of persistent stigma from that whole 'Jared' thing? first everyone just thought he was one of those harmless fungis.

The word 'abortion' has such a terrible stigma attached to it.

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