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The Best Sticky jokes

For my birthday, the only thing I got was a deck of sticky playing cards.

I find that very hard to deal with.

My wife said, "Why is the laptop all sticky?"

I said, "It's not what you think, it's ice cream."

She said, "How did you manage to get ice cream all over the laptop?"

I said, "Have you ever tried eating an ice cream while masturbating?"

What do Spiderman and I have in common?

We both end up with sticky hands after using the web.

Man is like spider...

..bound to have sticky fingers after being on the web

I recently came into a large sum of money.

Now it's all sticky and no one will accept it.

A soldier was given the job of hunting for buffalo...

To help him, he hired a Native American scout.

The two of them set off on their journey to find buffalo.

After riding awhile, the scout gets off his horse, puts his ear to the ground and says "Hmmm, buffalo come."

The soldier scans the area with his binoculars, but sees nothing.

He is confused and says to the scout, "I do not see anything, how do you know buffalo come?"

The scout replies, "Ear sticky".

What's brown and sticky?

My Beyonce calendar.

Two Indians put their ears to the ground........

The first Indian says: "Buffalo come".

The second Indian says: "Buffalo no come".

The first Indian places his ear back on the ground and repeats "Buffalo come".

The second Indian places his ear back on the ground and says "I no hear anything, why you think buffalo come?"

The first Indian replies "Ear sticky".

A Native American tribe are looking for buffalo to hunt.

As they travel along, one member puts his ear to the ground for a moment and then says: Buffalo come.

The chief asks How can you tell?

The man replies Sticky ear.

Men are like spiders

We tend to have sticky hands after being on web.

A buffalo hunter and a Native American guide

One day when they were hunting the guide stopped, put his ear to the ground and listened, then said "Buffalo come"

The hunter asked "How can you tell"

The guide replied "Ear sticky"

Question my sexuality all you want, but I'm warning you...

Guys who rub me the wrong way often find themselves in a very sticky situation.

Why do bees have sticky hair?

They use honeycombs!

What did the erotic novel author get from his editor?

Sticky notes.

What did he get from his publisher?

A hard copy.

A cowboy is riding across the plain one day,

when he sees an Indian chief laying on the ground with his ear pressed firmly to the earth. Never having seen this before, the cowboy says "Hey chief whatcha doin there." The chief in broken english says "Ugg, buffalo come." The cowboy says "That's amazing chief, how can you tell?" The Chief reply's "Ear sticky."

Lewis and Clark

Lewis and Clark were walking through Montana when they met an Indian scout who offered to help them hunt buffalo.

The scout took them out in the morning and put his ear to the ground. After a while, he said "Buffalo come."

Lewis asked the scout, "How do you know?"

The scout said, "Face sticky."

The lone Ranger and Tonto

The lone Ranger and Tonto are riding their horses when Tonto falls off. He lands in a ditch. The lone Ranger walks up and says "Tonto are you ok"? Tonto puts his ear to the ground and remains quiet. The lone Ranger repeats himself and Tonto quiets him and says "buffalo come" the lone Ranger says " you can tell that by listening to the ground"? Tonto says "no, ground very sticky.

What is the brown sticky stuff between an elephant's toes?

Slow natives.

All I got for Christmas was a pack of sticky cards.

It was difficult to deal with.

The Lone Ranger

The Lone Ranger and Tonto were riding across the prairie. Then Tonto got down from his horse and put his ear to the ground. He looked at the Lone Ranger and said, "Buffalo come."
The Lone Ranger looked at him and said, "Wow, that's amazing! How did you figure that out?"

Tonto looked at the Lone Ranger and said, "Ear sticky!"

A sperm was undergoing training for conception

His instructor said, 'When the siren goes off, rush out the tunnel and swim until you find a red sticky ball. Address the ball and say "I'm a sperm" to which the ball will reply "I'm the egg". You will then work together to form the embryo. Do you understand?'

The sperm nodded. Days later, the sperm was sleeping when he heard the siren. He was the first one out of the tunnel and the first to reach the sticky red ball. He was millimeters ahead of all his comrades. He bowed courteously and said: "I'm a sperm".

The red sticky ball smiled and said: "Hi, I'm the tonsil"

For my birthday, I got gifted a sticky deck of cards.

I'm having a hard time dealing with it.


Just another guy who ends up with sticky hands after using the web.

I was watching tv last night...

and one of those ads came on with one of those little black African babies covered in flies. I immediately grabbed the phone and called the number on the screen. I had to have one, they work so much better than those sticky strips that hang from the ceiling.

I was watching TV last night...

When an advertisement came on showing one of those African babies covered in flies.I immediately ran for the phone and rang the number that came up on the screen.
"I want one of those", I said,"they work much better than those sticky strips I hang from my ceiling".

Two Men Were Hunting Buffalo

One put his ear to the ground

He lifted his head up and said "Buffalo come"

The other said "How do you know?"

He said "ear sticky"

What's brown and sticky?

A stick.

What's brown and sticky?

A stick.

What's brown and runny?

Usain Bolt.

What's brown and rhymes with snoop?

Dr. Dre.

An Indian and a cowboy were buffalo hunting together

The Indian suddenly knelt down, pressed his ear against the ground and said "Buffalo come."

The cowboy was amazed by this and asked him "how do you know this?"

The Indian replied: "Sticky."

A man is like a spider....

when he is on the web, he is bound to get his hands sticky....

The Lone Ranger and Tonto were riding through the prairie

When all of a sudden Tonto stops and puts his ear to the ground. The Lone Ranger says, "What are you doing Tonto?" Tonto says, Keemosabi, buffalo come!" The Lone Ranger then says, "How can you tell?" Tonto replies, Ear sticky."

A man finds a native American with his ear pressed to the ground.

M: What is it?

NA: Buffalo come.

M: Wow, you can tell that from listening to the ground?

NA: No, sticky ear.

What's brown and sticky?

My poster of Beyonce

What am I?

I am a common object enjoyed by both sexes, normally about 8 inches long, with little hairs on one end, and a hole in the other. For most of the day I am laying down, but I am ready for instant action. When in use, I move back and forth and in and out of a warm, moist hole. When the work is finally done, a white, slushy, sticky mush is left behind and I return to my original position. Cleaning is normally done after I have finished. What am I? Why, I am your very own toothbrush!

What is sweet and sticky and crosses the desert?

A caramel

My father died recently and I came into a bunch of money. I decided to buy a car and pay cash...

and the man at the dealership asked me, "Why are all these bills so sticky?!"

Why do bees have sticky hair?

Because they use honeycombs.

A cowboy and a red Indian are walking through the desert...

After a short time the Indian stops the cowboy before dropping to his knees and placing his ear to the ground. Upon standing the Indian says firmly "Buffalo come"

"That's amazing" says the cowboy, "How can you tell that?"

The Indian replies...

"Sticky face"

(Dirty) The cavalry were riding through the plains with their Native American guide.

The Indian gets off his horse and puts his ear to the ground. He looks up at the captain and says " Buffalo come " . The captain is astounded and asks " Can you really hear buffalo from here? The Indian replies "NO, side of face all sticky!"

A cowboy is riding across the plains when he sees an Indian on his knees with his head on the ground.

The Indian looks up at him and says "Many buffalo come"
The Cowboy asks "Can you hear them?"
Then Indian says " No, ground sticky."

Started a new job as a delivery man today...

When I got to my first address, there was a little sticky note left on the door saying, "Dear Mr Delivery Man, we're out, please hide in garage."

That was eight hours ago and still nobody's found me.

What do Gay men have in the morning?

Sticky Buns! ;D

So when Spiderman produces a white sticky substance it's "cool"

Why is it whenever I produce a white sticky substance I'm considered a "massive pervert"?

What is hard when it goes in and soft and sticky when it comes out?

A chewing gum

What's sticky and charming?

Seduct tape

Why is it so hard for economists to go gluten free?

Because their food preferences are very sticky.

A cowboy and an indian are riding a horse

A cowboy and an indian are riding a horse through the middle of the desert. All the sudden the indian tells the cowboy

"Wait, stop!"

The cowboy stops the horse. The indian hops off, puts his ear to the ground and says

"Buffalo come"
The cowboy, shocked, says "Wow! How do you know?!"

The indian looks up at him and says

"'cause ground sticky"

So the Lone Ranger and Tonto are being chased by the bad guys...

To see if they're being closed in on Tonto puts his ear to the ground to listen for the sound of horse hooves.

"Kimosabe, no soldiers chasing us, buffalo come."

"How do you know that?"

"Ear sticky."

Whats Brown and Sticky?

Mohammed Ali opening a can of coke.

What is the worst way to find out you just came into money?

via sticky notes

Lone Ranger and Tonto are riding across the plains

When Tonto stops suddenly, climbs down, and puts his ear to the ground.

Lone Ranger waits a few minutes, then asks Tonto, "What is it?"

Tonto said, "Buffalo come."

Lone Ranger asks, "How can you tell?"

Tonto replied, "Ear sticky."

What's white and sticky?

What's white and sticky and hangs from the clouds?
The second coming of the Lord

When Spiderman shoots a sticky substance all over someone he's "amazing"...

But when I do it I'm a pervert.

Some people bring pepper spray for self protection. Others carry a gun.

I bring Goo-Gone for sticky situations.

What is brown and sticky?

Michael J Fox opening a can of coke

Whats brown and sticky?

My poster of rihanna.

Why are millionaires sticky?

Because they're rolling in dough.

[NSFW] My priest told me I had to stop masturbating. I asked, "Why?"

He told me, "The confessional is getting all sticky."

What's the most effective way to remove a sticky chewing gum from your hair ?


What's long, brown, hard and sticky.

A stick.

Recently came into some money.

Instant regret, way too sticky.

What do you call a loyalist in the 1760s who had black sticky stuff thrown on them for a second time?


I'm going to write a book about adhesives.

It's going to be a griping tale about bonding, attachments, and a few sticky situations.

Knock knock

Who's there

What's up

What's up who??

That brown sticky thing that comes out of your ass

I ran out of kleenex

So I have been masturbating into dollar bills.

I guess you could say my financial situation is a little sticky.

An Indian tracker puts his ear to the ground

And says "buffalo come." Amazed, his clients ask how he knows. He rubs his ear and says "hmm sticky."

What's brown and sticky?

My steering wheel

What's green, sticky and smells like eucalyptus?

Koala vomit

I had a dream someone came in my apartment last night

When I got up, the door was still locked but I can't figure out what all this sticky stuff is.

What is long, hard and leaves a warm, white, sticky substance in your mouth?


I recently came into a large sum of money.

It was great until the shopkeeper said he wouldn't accept my sticky bills.

A little old lady told me this at work.

Who is the most popular male at a nudist colony?

The guy who can carry a cup of coffee and 12 donuts.

And the most popular woman?

The lady that can eat the last donut without getting her hands sticky.

Whats the first thing you do when you spill something on your keyboard?

Try to disable sticky keys.

If I had a nickel every time I masterbated...

I'd have a jar of sticky nickels.

Use only working piadas for adults and blagues for friends.

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